Ladies’ Code Executes Perfect Comeback

As I said in my Faves of January post, I was really really looking forward to Ladies’ Code’s comeback this month. I got into them just after “Pretty Pretty” promotions ended (I’m always late to the game…) and really loved their retro sound. “Hate You” was my least favorite single from them last year, but I really thought the concept was cool. Their debut song “Bad Girl” is my favorite song of theirs at this point; it showcases each member’s strong vocals, the song itself is solid – almost like a Secret song that Secret couldn’t pull off – and I loved the video.

Well, finally, Ladies’ Code is back with “So Wonderful”.

And I’m dying because of how perfect this video and song is. It mixes everything lovable about each single Ladies’ Code released in 2013 and turned it into a perfect song. It has a similar beat and hook to “Pretty Pretty,” but without the awkwardness of the lryics, a dark yet classy concept like “Hate You,” and is everything that “Bad Girl” was without the flashiness.

It’s really a shame that SNSD AND 2NE1 (who are coming back the same day as SNSD, in case you hadn’t heard; I’ll post about that mess later) just HAD to come back the same month to take the spotlight off of these girls. Granted, I wanted an SNSD comeback too, but something about it hurts me, since they’re going against one of my favorite 2013 rookie girl groups.

I know they’re just rookies and they obviously aren’t SNSD level yet, but they show so much potential. Each member is strong vocally, not just Sojung and Ashley. Eunbi gets so many lines and I’m so excited about it since she’s my favorite member, and I really like the twinge of uniqueness to her voice. The group always has pretty solid line distribution though, and own each concept they’re given. Going back to Ashley for a minute, can we talk about how stunning she looks with her red lipstick in this video? This is like Korean!Mr. Taxi era Tiffany all over again for me.

I really like the song. I think this could easily replace “Bad Girl” as my favorite Ladies’ Code single. I don’t speak Korean, but I had the subtitles on while watching it; the lyrics seem to be pretty great too. It’s a song about losing someone, thinking they’re still great/handsome, yet still missing them. The song doesn’t come across as whiney, which I think is very mature songwriting and fitting. The girls are all between 19 and 23, so I’m glad they’re not sticking themselves with the aegyo/cute concepts like so many other girl groups in the same age range do, such as A Pink, Crayon Pop (who are even older than Ladies’ Code) and BESTie. I am also extremely happy that they didn’t follow the sexy trend of January. I’ve honestly had enough of it and am ready for the classy  comebacks of this month – Ladies’ Code today and SNSD next week.

Next up for February Comebacks: btob!


3 thoughts on “Ladies’ Code Executes Perfect Comeback

  1. […] I don’t really have a lot of thoughts on the song right now, since usually teaser snippets that aren’t from SM Ent aren’t that great, such as B1A4′s “Lonely” Teaser which I actually didn’t like at all, and Ladies’ Code’s “So Wonderful” teaser which sounded like a ballad, when the song actually has the upbeat jazz vibe Ladies’ Code has perfected. […]


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