EXID & BESTie to Hold Comebacks Soon

One of the biggest rookie groups of 2012, EXID (not “ecksid”, “E X I D”), have basically fallen off the face of the planet. In 2012 they had two pretty decent hits, contributed a lame version of the B1A4 track “Hey Girl” called “Hey Boy” to the Thousandth Man OST,  and they won a couple of rookie awards. In 2013, they had a subunit, Dasoni, and rapper LE wrote some hit songs for other groups, and got into a controversy over her 19+ song with a B2ST member and Feeldog, but had no formal group promotions.

Basically Shinsadong Tiger (super producer for B2ST, 4Minute, T-Ara and other groups that I don’t care enough to remember) formed EXID and debuted them. Originally they had 6 members, but after “Whoz That Girl,” which hit 36 on Gaon, 3 girls left the group,  2 girls were added,  and EXID then released “Every Night.” which has over 5 million YouTube views and hit 43 on Gaon. Their chart positions were pretty impressive for a rookie girl group from a small company.

But let’s be real, the album version of “Every Night” called “전화벨(Call)” is at least 10 times better.

The year off was a huge mistake for their company, since they had public attention, and a couple of reasonable hits and awards. Even with the subunit and LE’s solo promotion, I was pretty sure that the group was done, and quietly disbanded since there was no news about EXID for the entire year.

But they announced that they’ll be having a comeback in March.

I kind of have mixed feelings about it. I enjoy their music, but a year off only promoting with a subunit that flopped isn’t going to help them and I have a feeling it’ll do poorly. I know that other groups (SNSD, Rainbow, Miss A) have come back from year+ hiatuses and have done relatively well, but those groups all have established themselves and have relatively solid fanbases. EXID doesn’t have that.

Not to mention the whole issue that arose when BESTie debuted, which was the only time EXID was mentioned all year. What’s the issue with BESTie? The 3 girls who peaced out of EXID basically said they wanted to focus on their education or go into acting. The next year they debuted in a 4 member group together called “BESTie” under YNB Ent with an additional member, Dahye. To be honest, I’ve been following BESTie since “Love Options” last year, and think that the group has better chemistry and stage presence than EXID with either the original 6 members, or the current 5.

I personally have no idea why the girls actually left the group; and I think a lot of it could be creative differences since BESTie has a very different concept than EXID. Plus Yuji and Hyeyeon weren’t getting as many lines as they deserved in EXID, so I don’t blame them for wanting to leave.

BESTie, according to Hyeyeon on twitter, are preparing to have a comeback in February, but there has been no official announcement, and the month is half over. I’d be kind of upset if the came back the same time as SNSD and end up getting steamrolled like I’m sure Ladies’ Code will.

Is it completely sadistic of me to hope that BESTie and EXID end up coming back at the same time?

I enjoy songs by both groups but BESTie is an excessive amount of shade towards EXID by simply existing existing, so it makes me interested to see what would happen if they came back and promoted at the same time. EXID has longevity and stronger hits, but BESTie has promoted a LOT in 2013, and have a big buzz behind them since they’re very active on social media, participated in multiple magazine shoots, and have the interesting backstory of Yuji almost debuting in a group with Sistar’s Hyorin and  Secret’s Jieun, as well as the EXID connection.

I know a lot of people are making a big deal over SNSD and 2ne1 having comebacks at the same time this month. I wholeheartedly believe YG Ent wanted to do this on purpose to create buzz since 2ne1 has been flopping all 2013 compared to their past releases. But I don’t see this as the ‘war of the girl groups’ like people are saying. SNSD is the top girl group. 2ne1 are close, but will never be at SNSD’s level. The members of the two groups are friendly with each other, and the music each group makes isn’t similar, so I don’t see why there’s so much competition between these groups and their fandoms.

EXID and BESTie however? They have a history and while I prefer BESTie’s music, neither group have a distinct sound; except it’s not too hard to tell which is produced by Shinsadong Tiger and which is produced by Brave Brothers. I don’t know how many fans left EXID when the BESTie members left, but from what I’ve seen on YouTube, it seems like quite a few.

Regardless, both groups will give us great music, so even if my dream for a simultaneous comeback doesn’t happen, at least we’ll be getting some quality music which more than likely won’t be relying on a cheap concept to sell (here’s looking at you, Stellar).


3 thoughts on “EXID & BESTie to Hold Comebacks Soon

    • How is it ‘kicking my ass’? This was written and posted in Feb 2014 before EXID even released “Up & Down” and I don’t think I ever said EXID would flop for sure (which they actually did until Hani FapCam happened in November 2014, and they should be sending Pharkil half of their paychecks for the foreseeable future). I’m definitely upset that BESTie hasn’t managed to get a strong hit yet but they still have time.

      Grow up, kid.


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