BESTie Announces Official Comeback Date

During class today I decided to get on twitter, since it’s apparently a ‘good resource to look for jobs’ – so my intentions were pure, but the first tweets I saw were Yuji and Dahye of BESTie retweeting the Official BESTie tweet about the comeback which is set for February 28.

The song is called “Thank U Very Much” (yes, “U”, not “You”) and the song is a bit slower-paced than the BESTie songs that were released last year. Someone extracted the teaser M Countdown had on the show today, so here it is:

Like SPICA, Kiss & Cry, and Ladies’ Code, it looks like BESTie is going to be going for a more retro concept this time around. It almost looks like a Secret concept that was catapulted into the 1980s.

I don’t really have a lot of thoughts on the song right now, since usually teaser snippets from groups outside of SM Ent aren’t that great, such as B1A4’s “Lonely” Teaser which I actually didn’t like at all, and Ladies’ Code’s “So Wonderful” teaser which sounded like a ballad, when the song actually has the upbeat jazz vibe Ladies’ Code has perfected.

Obviously SNSD and 2NE1 – if either group ever actually releases their songs – are going to overshadow BESTie on music shows, and on the charts, but the video looks fun, and I do like the concept. But what I WILL say about the song, is that the teaser actually sounds a lot like a HelLOVEnus track, which I’m not sure is the right direction for BESTie musically or conceptually, but we’ll see more when the song is released next week.

I really love BESTie and think the group has a lot of potential, which is why I’ve been posting about them so much, but as I’ve said, this may end up putting them head to head with EXID in promotions, which will be interesting to see come March.

Now only if I can keep it together until the 28th when the song, and HOPEFULLY a mini album with new songs, releases.


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