Favorite Releases of February 2014

February ended, but it was a hot mess. I’m pretty sure I don’t even have any favorite songs of the month that weren’t surrounded by some sort of screw up or controversy. I also blogged heavily about most of my faves this month as it is, so I’ll just do quick recaps so this Hell month can end and move on to hopefully bigger and better things in March such as the return of my Number 1 Queen.

First off, lets start with the comebacks I’ve already acknowledged:

Ladies Code’s “So Wonderful”. I already wrote a detailed post on the comeback, but every time I went on the YouTube video, some idiot was making a Wonder Girls connection, since apparently they own the standing microphone concept. Someone should have told SHINee that last year, too. I guess Ladies’ Code acknowledged this and feel honored since they’re friends with Sunye – I’m glad they’re taking this in stride. Anyways, the song is flawless, and I just saw that I reblogged it on my tumblr 3 times last month; which is probably a record for any non-B1A4 or SuJu track. I don’t care that it’s a re-tread of “Pretty Pretty” since I didn’t like a lot about the song, and “So Wonderful” takes out everything I didn’t like. Keep it going, Slaydies’ Code.

Then btob’s “Beep Beep”…another mess. The song and video are great, but as I said, the song sounds like EXO’s “Growl” mixed with BTS’ raps. AllKpop decided to steal my thunder and point out how the “Growl” dance matches perfectly with the song. No shit, Sherlocks, the beat is exactly the same in each song. Now EXO fans (who my lovely friend and I dub as ‘Exorcists’) are insulting btob’s song, because obviously btob meant to rip off EXO. Please. Just take Brave Brothers away from btob and everyone can be happy again.

Girl’s Generation’s flawless “Mr. Mr.”….do I have to write about this promotional mess again? 2ne1 is slaying them on the real-time charts, though SNSD pulled a music show win and are number 1 on Gaon this week. The cuts in the music video are awkward. They haven’t even been on a music show yet and it’s been like a week since the album leaked. I thought they were the Princesses of SMEnt…what is SM even doing any more? This is SNSDs biggest flop since “Gee” and should be a wakeup call to the marketing team at SM.

Secondly, songs I have talked about, but not in full length posts:

Even though I posted about BESTie’s comeback, I didn’t write anything up about the song since it’s release. “Thank U Very Much” is underwhelming for me, but I still really like it. The music video is perfect, and my favorite thing released this year, since it’s not trying too hard to be anything, and as a lot of fellow fans on YouTube are saying, suits BESTie’s treading of both sexy and cute quite well. The song still isn’t my favorite of theirs. It’s like a 2013 reject track, since “Thank U Very Much” is at least 3 songs thrown together by Duble Sidekick. Each of them sound great, but I’m still not sure how much I love it. “Love Options” was love at first listen for me, as was “Jjang Christmas”. I’m also slightly pressed how few lines Dahye got compared to even Haeryung. Each member is flawless, and I don’t want BESTie turning into the Uji Show, or better yet the EX-EXID Show. I’m really hoping the next release is a full mini with all new songs, all from Brave Brothers (who should only work with After School, 4Minute, Sistar, BESTie and solo artists from those groups). At least BESTie’s concept wasn’t super trashy…and I’m hoping it stays that way. I mean I love sexy concepts for girl groups as much as most men do (or as much as girls love it for boy groups), but some groups are just taking it too far now. BESTie is the perfect amount of sexy with hints of cute and all of them can actually sing. The song is kind of flopping but is still doing better than “Jjang Christmas” even though that’s not saying much. Still, bless them for existing.

TVXQ’s single from the repackage of Ten is perfect. “Spellbound” is the only song I need to listen to ever again. That’s a bit drastic (and untrue, since that title forever belongs to B1A4’s “What’s Happening”), but everything about “Spellbound” slays so hard and SM picked the worst time to release it.

Look at this choreography. Experience how hot Changmin got. Listen to this damn song. Why oh WHY is SM putting this on top of SNSD? These two are their biggest cash cows and pitting them against each other is plain STUPID. I can’t even write anything else because the song and video speak for themselves, and despite my attitude about SMEnt, this song is even better than “Something,” which was my favorite release last month period.

To finish things off; songs that I haven’t acknowledged before:

Despite that this isn’t mainstream K-Pop, one of my favorite blogs has pointed me in the direction of Park Ji Yoon’s “Beep” which is the one of the most flawless things I have heard all month. It shames everything else on this list, except maybe TVXQ and Ladies’ Code. She’s like a slightly more tame Ga-In, but also manages to say ‘twat’ for at least 10 seconds, which I can not get over at all.

BAP’s single “Angel (1004)” is my favorite thing the group has ever released. I’m not very much a fan of groups that try so hard to be tough or any hip-hop that’s not in English so I tend to stay away from their catalogue even though I do acknowledge that some of their releases are pretty cool for the genre. It’s more easy rock, something I’d expect from say FT Island or CN Blue, but fits BAP very well. The song as a whole is a great listen and it won them their first music show trophy.

Other songs you should listen to that I don’t feel like writing essays on:

  • SNSD – “Europa” ; it could have been a title track
  • Stellar – “Marionette” ; despite having the trashiest video in K-Pop, the song is complex, catchy and deserved better
  • Sunmi – “Who Am I” ; this should have been Sunmi’s single

Promising Debut:
None. Only like 3 girl groups debuted, and none of them stood out to me.

Next Month:
Orange Caramel!!!!!! They’re the only interesting comeback I know of so far, and the teaser pictures are killing me. I’m sure a lot of fans will be spazzing over TOHEART, the Woohyun and Key subunit; but I’m not really feeling it. CUBE confirmed 4Minute are having a comeback on March 17!! Obviously the most important girl group release of the year because Queen Hyuna will grace us with her presence yet again!!!!!

Since the month seems boring overall, maybe I’ll watch Heechul’s drama “Grandmas Over Flowers” instead….oh why did I want my messy February to end?


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