I decide to have a life during break, and Orange Caramel decides to have a Comeback!

Orange Caramel is one of the best sub-units in K-Pop. It’s to the point where they’re probably more popular than After School, the group Raina, Nana, and Lizzy are all originally part of. I never really paid much mind to them until the “Lipstick” comeback, since everything about it was just so catchy, bright, and amazing. To this day I still play the video occasionally, and a gif of Nana from the video has to be one of the most reblogged K-Pop gifs on tumblr.

So I wake up this morning, since it’s my school vacation I literally have no conception of the date or time, and see that the MV for “Catallena,” Orange Caramel’s new Korean song, has been released. I feel like this is a lifetime coming to an end, since the teasers have been coming out since, I’m pretty sure, before SNSD and 2ne1 had their comebacks LAST MONTH. I’m glad Pledis waited until the hype died down from those two to release the MV.

What the Hell is even going on in this? First off, no I have not looked up the lyrics yet. But we can see: Nana looking flawless as always, at one point there’s a cross dresser, the OC girls are mermaids who wind up eating sushi after they’re being sold 3-for-1 at 1,000KRW (roughly .98 cents in the USA). I have no idea. Watch it yourself and try to figure it out.

It’s definitely….interesting and Orange Caramel-like. They always have some humorous or fantastical element to their videos, and “Catellena” is no exception. I can’t tell if the video was high or low budget, since it almost looks like some film student made it in after-effects. The bright colors and the way it’s shot works really well, and the video didn’t disappoint at all. In actuality it reminds me a bit of both T-ARA N4’s “Countryside Life” video mixed with HelLOVEnus’ “What Are You Doing Today?” video but with a different theme. The latter video is still one of my favorite things from 2012, and both are Pledis artists, so the connection is totally feasible, right?

The song isn’t my favorite; I much prefer “Lipstick” since this isn’t as catchy, but in a way it sounds like the early OC tracks mixed in a hybrid with “Roly Poly” by T-Ara, so obviously it’s still an amazing song! Maybe it’ll be more of a grower, since I can’t pick out any parts that are really standing out, but the video already has over 250k videos. I feel like Pledis took a page from the SM ‘lets make weird videos so people keep watching’ book, but it’s working. OC is more than likely much more popular than After School; while I enjoy both groups, this video is ridiculous in a compelling way, but I’m ashamed at the fact that it’ll probably end up surpassing the success of “First Love,” one of the most flawless girl group comebacks of 2013.

Overall: I’d give the video a 10000/10 (so visually compelling), the concept a 10000/10 (so original), but the song like a 6.5/10, but that may change in the next few days as I listen to it more.

Anyways, apparently this is a single, but Wiki lied to me and there are 2 other songs on the release. I haven’t heard them yet, since I’ve yet to get the single.  I need to pace myself though, since  I’m basically going to need to be dormant to prepare myself for the flawlessness that will be 4Minute’s comeback on March 17. Apparently April is going to be a comeback-filled month too, but we’ll see when more information comes out.


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