4Minute Rips Off B1A4’s Iconic Shoulder-Dance In Comeback Teaser

Obviously 4Minute is my favorite girl group, since my favorite woman on the planet, Kim Hyuna, is a member – the MOST IMPORTANT member. I’m only half kidding. I saw them live without her and it felt like something was missing. That girl has so much stage presence!

Anyways, after the announcement of a comeback, Cube has been pushing teasers almost as much as for btob’s last comeback. 4Minute’s new song will be released on March 17, making it the most anticipated girl group comeback of 2014, but after a mess of teaser pictures where Hyuna out-sexed every other female, the first video teaser was finally released. This song bops so hard. I’m so happy the girls are working with Brave Brothers again. Note, as much as I hated their song for btob, they kick ass at producing girl group songs. Last year’s mega smash “What’s Your Name” – which I could not escape when I was in Korea, was produced by Brave Brothers, and this song sounds even better and will hopefully be less repetitive.

I’m hoping it’s not a teaser like SNSD’s “Mr.Mr”; while that song is still amazing, as a whole it really sounds nothing like the teaser. I am praying to all of the higher powers that Cube won’t do that to me, since this is exactly what 4Minute should be releasing. It sounds upbeat, a bit electronic, and funky. The concept looks a bit out of this world with an element of the strange, something only fitting to the Queens of 4Minute, aside from the BESTie-like sunglasses scene at the end, not that I’m complaining.

But the obvious rip off of B1A4’s iconic shoulder dance from “Baby Goodnight” is still the highlight of this teaser.

It reminds me of the time Jinyoung was too scared to stand next to Gayoon and Hyuna during the best stage of our generation “Sleigh Ride.” If you haven’t seen it, you really should watch it.

Oh lord. Can’t blame him, it’d be hard to be close to the flawless Hyuna and not stare endlessly.

Anyways….yes I am so ready for this comeback. My thirst level is so high. Though I’m not sure I get why Jiyoon decided to finally grow her hair out after 5 years (or get her other unnecessary yet obvious touch ups)….I guarantee she will slay, because after Hyuna she is the best 4Minute. On that note, I’m still happy Cube put Hyuna with Gayoon for the duet and Jiyoon with Sohyun and Jihyun for that impending mess, since a Jiyoon x Hyuna duet would have actually killed me. I also heard a song off the mini album (Cube please give me a full album next time) that Hyuna co-wrote is banned by SBS for being too sexy. Get it, girl.

Be prepared to be slayed on March 17.


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