March 31 Comebacks

So I suck and still haven’t listened to the entirety of 4Minute World. Life happens when you’re rushing to go back to your university after spring break, you find your power to be off, and then need to deal with everything else. I really wanted to do a review of the single/MV and mini album but since that can’t happen at the moment, I’ll talk about the double girl group comebacks happening on March 31. I care enough about Super Junior M to give them their own post after their mini is released (despite that I still haven’t listened to the Break Down album yet…oops).

First off, I’m kinda pressed EXID’s comeback date hasn’t been announced yet. After BESTie slayed everyone by hitting number 53 on Gaon with “Thank U Very Much,” I’m sure EXID are going to wait until their flaw-free former members stop promoting to have a comeback at this point.

Anyways, on March 31 both A Pink and Crayon Pop are having comebacks. I care significantly more about one than the other, and we’ll talk about that now.

A Pink is one of the few girl groups (along with Sistar and Girls Day) that I cannot get into at all. While I like some songs by each of those groups, I couldn’t care less about any of them, each for different reasons. But I’ll focus on A Pink here. They debuted in 2011 and are probably doing the best of all the girl groups from that year (which, as a slight Dal Shabet stan, makes me kinda pressed). But everything about them screams a sad attempt to recapture SNSD’s cutesey days, re: “Kissing You” era. I mean look at their music videos; their debut song looks like it was some school uniform mess that popped right out of “Girls Generation.” “My My” concept was basically the whitescreen shots of “Gee” where the girls wear white tees and jeans. They also got less crap than pretty much every other group gets for ‘plagiarizing’ for a song; “NoNoNo” was basically an SES song – even though that’s rarely the artists’ fault, it seems like A Pink can’t do any wrong since the amount of old man fans are so high. I like cute concepts, I think some groups execute them better than others (see: Orange Caramel, though they go overboard which is why it’s more ironic than anything), but the thing is EVERY A PINK SONG SOUNDS THE SAME. I can jam to “My My” and “NoNoNo” and even “Hush” is pretty good despite that I can’t tell 2/3 of those songs apart, but I hate the way their company promotes them. Speaking of their company, A Cube is a branch of the flawless CUBE, (one can’t help but wonder if A Pink were in Cube instead, would they just be called “Pink”?) so I’m wondering why the actual fuck are they going to release this comeback on top of 4Minute’s flawless comeback? I get it’s not the EXACT same company, but come on! This is some finally-give-f(x)-a-comeback-then-release-EXOs-repackage-two-weeks-later crap. Both groups are doing well, but I would argue this comeback is more crucial to 4Minute coming off of the “Whats Your Name” high than this was to A Pink who did well last year too, but aren’t at the do or die stage of their career like 4Minute and have gotten significant less public flack throughout their careers (no, whiney boy group stans whining about them being around oppa don’t count). From what I saw via the teaser photo, it looks like A Pink is finally maturing (it seems as if they’ve been portraying children forever), and are getting a concept that puts them as librarians or something of the like.

APink trying to be mature 4 once
APink trying to be mature

I can get on board as long as the song isn’t another retread of the same song they’ve been singing for 3 years. I’ll wait until I hear the song to judge, but I want to like them, especially since I think Eunji acts cute with Sandeul, but it’s so hard to care when I dislike Eunji’s group so much. It’s just hard for me to acknowledge them when they’re one of the most bland girl groups in terms of concepts and singles.

The much more anticipated comeback is obviously Crayon Pop, one of my top rookie groups. I don’t even know if they are rookies anymore since they debuted in 2012 and hit it big with “Bar Bar Bar.” While I’m of the minority that I think their Christmas song is the best thing they’ve released; besides that fireman mess (the profits of which actually go towards firemen, so I can’t hate it and the only reason I don’t care for it is because there’s not enough Crayon Pop in the single), every song they have has merit to it. I really cannot stand when people insult Crayon Pop for being ‘childish,’ ‘useless,’ ‘about nothing,’ or that “Bar Bar Bar” is “the worst K-Pop song” – it shows to me that most K-Pop fans are ignorant and just want more of the same stuff (AKA: why A Pink is so popular, probably…). I love how different Crayon Pop are, and yes while I think the concept is a bit ridiculous for girls of their age (I believe they’re born between 1988-1991), they seem to have fun performing and worked very hard to get where they are. I know that can be said about multiple groups from small companies, but Crayon Pop during their debut days had to perform on the streets since they couldn’t even get on music shows. Your faves never had to, and probably couldn’t have handled it. To me it is refreshing to see a girl group that isn’t trying to be sexy (not that I hate sexy concepts either, I can appreciate all concepts), or too cute, but are actually bringing something different to the music scene. Their new concept brings in traditional Korean wear, and the single is probably going to be called “Hey”. I’m kinda glad they’re done with the helmets finally – while it was cute at first, as I said, the girls are a bit too old to be wearing those constantly, and the new scarves are still cute. I heard that they’re working with the teams behind “Saturday Night” and the other pre-“Bar Bar Bar” single, so it should be interesting; maybe it won’t be my favorite single of theirs, but it will still be amazing and true to Crayon Pop, who I hope continue to keep going outside the box with their concepts.

Crayon Pop Has No Time For Useless Haters
Crayon Pop Has No Time For Useless Haters

Note I love how Crayon Pop is ripping off B1A4’s Who Am I album concept with the magazine-like comeback pic. Everyone is ripping B1A4 off this year which shows that they are the true trendestters of K-Pop.

It’s ironic that the two groups coming back on 3/31 are on such opposite ends of the bias spectrum of mine. Crayon Pop are one of my favorite girl groups, and I think they’re perfect in terms of songs and concepts, whereas I think A Pink needs to make a big change in order for me to fully care about them or not make an ‘ew’ face when their videos come up for me to watch on YouTube (usually during 4Minute videos….please.)

I will definitely wait to hear the songs before I judge them, but I’m really hoping A Pink can move away from the SNSD-wannabe image they were given, and that Crayon Pop stay flawless.


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