APink Rip Off Orange Caramel’s “Lipstick”

This isn’t even a cute Orange Caramel ripoff, like that time B1A4 ripped off “Lamu no Love Song” in their Japanese “What’s Happening” PV. This is just sad.

I don’t like APink. I’ve made this clear. But I still find myself unable to escape them on both my Facebook and tumblr accounts. I get that they’re popular – but they’re not my style. I’ve tried so hard to like them, I really have. I try not to hate any girl group, but APink probably come the closest to hating a girl group as I can go (along with a few other groups I won’t bring up now).

At this point, APink has done the unforgivable: rip off the flawless Orange Caramel “Lipstick” video for their new sub-par song that sounds like everything else they’ve ever released.

Obviously no group owns any concept and sometimes fans take two groups having similar concepts to an unnecessary level of criticism (re: what happened with Ladies’ Code/Wonder Girls). But sometimes similarities are just so obvious it’s hard to ignore; for example when 9Muses did their “Ticket” concept after SNSD had “Mr. Taxi.” This is another example of the latter situation. Not only was the tennis concept basically the same thing as the table tennis in “Lipstick”, but ACube didn’t even bother to try to change the backgrounds of the rooms.

Most tolerable APink; Eunji
Most tolerable APink member; Eunji
Orange Carmel, so over the blatant rip-off

Ok, so maybe it’s not EXACTLY the same, but it’s pretty damn close.

Finally, the secretive nature of the girls in each video. In APink’s mess, you have the members secretly stuffing notes and other goodies in a locker. In Orange Caramel’s video, which is partially set in a LOCKER ROOM, the girls peek in on a cute tennis player.

Let’s also talk about how both songs are pretty much similar in lyrical content as well. Thank you again, LOEN (1thek still sounds stupid), for your English subtitles. Though Orange Caramel’s song is still a bit more mature and risque in terms of actual lyrics.

I guess ACube is finally giving APink the chance to not be a wannabe SNSD by making them a wannabe Orange Caramel. I really try so hard not to see APink so negatively, but their company just does everything wrong with them. The first concept picture had so much potential and then I get a direct ripoff of my favorite Orange Caramel video. Luckily, the song itself still sticks to the easy-listening formula all APink songs except “Hush” stick to, which will blend perfectly in with the rest of their catalogue that I don’t listen to.

I’m not even sorry for making this the snarkiest thing I’ve written on here yet. I don’t dislike any of the girls in APink, but their music and concepts and the way they’re promoted do not do anything for me at all. Maybe if I were a 30+ year old man wanting a cute virginal girl to fawn over it would be different, but that ain’t me.

I just hope I don’t see anyone else dressing up as sushis any time soon.


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