Favorite Releases of March 2014

Even though I’m a bit late this month, here are my favorite releases from March 2014. I already wrote a bit about a few of these songs so I won’t go into depth with all of them.

First off, lets start with the comebacks I’ve already acknowledged:

The obvious best song of the month was 4Minute’s “Watcha Doin’ Today” which ended up beating 2ne1 and SNSD the first week the song was eligible to on Inkigayo – arguably the most important music show to win. I wrote about this twice already, so I won’t say anything else aside for the fact I’m disappointed it didn’t do better on the charts since the video is great and the song is one of 4Minute’s strongest singles.

Then “Catallena” by Orange Caramel. I talked about that song already too, so there’s no point for me to discuss why I think it’s so amazing for a second time. The song did grow on me a lot since it was released and I like it almost as much as “Lipstick” – almost. The song is actually doing pretty well on the charts too.

Secondly, songs I have talked about, but not in full length posts:

Crayon Pop’s newest song, “Uh Ee”, which is a ridiculous English name for the song, isn’t my favorite Crayon Pop song. But it’s not my least favorite Crayon Pop song. It’s better than their 2012 songs, but still not as flawless as “Bar Bar Bar” or “Lonely Christmas.” The video already has over 2,500,000 views on YouTube, crushing the view count of APink’s mess of a video. “Uh Ee” is still fun Crayon Pop, and just watching the dance tires me out since it’s so upbeat and active. How they can balance on one leg…who knows.

I love how they have the guys in the back doing the “Bar Bar Bar” dance towards the end. I guess Crayon Pop will be opening up for Lady Gaga on her upcoming tour, so a bunch of butthurt fans are on Crayon Pop’s videos insulting them at this point. This proves that the best girl group that debuted in 2012 needs our support more now than ever!

NOTE: This came out on April 1 in Korea, but the song and choreography debuted in March at Crayon Pop’s Comeback Showcase, and the video came out on March 31 where I live, so I’m counting it since otherwise this month had NOTHING.

I’m not sure if I should put TINT in this category but I’m going to, even though I didn’t talk about their song too much ; but “Wolf is Stupid” was a cute song. I guess a lot of Teen Top fans were mad since Chunji wasn’t in the initial video and the company was “just using his name to get views” (though the video still has less than 250,000 views). Then EXO fans were upset because they used the word “wolf” and apparently EXO owns the word now.

Anyways, the song is extremely cute. I think the concept was adorable. While the girls may not have the best vocals out there, I think it’s an underrated song and the cute concept shouldn’t be attacked so much – I think they pulled off the saccharine-level of cute better than APink ever does. Without comparing them to another girl group, I really liked the unique concept.

To finish things off; songs that I haven’t acknowledged before:

Troy, the band that Bumkey decided to form, actually had a decent song, called “Green Light” which I am assuming is some sort of sexual double entendre. All of Bumkey’s songs have a similar vibe and this song is no exception. While it’s not something I will listen to a lot, it deserves a mention here. While the boyband officially debuted with this song, it seems like most of them had industry experience before, basically making them the male BESTie – they even flopped as hard, hitting only 82 on Gaon’s digital chart.

That’s it. March was miserable. Maybe it was because I was too busy, but it seems like nothing interesting happened all month aside from Queen Hyuna slaying everyone as per usual. I still don’t like APink. Nothing else stood out to me. Maybe it was because I was so busy, but it seems like very few things captured my eye.

Next Month (April):

Jiyeon from T-Ara is going to make her solo debut. Even though I don’t think she’s one of my favorite members, I’m still looking forward to it.
Akdong Musician, who did better than most groups do without even debuting, actually debuted.
Block B will be having their next iconic comeback in which I hope Zico finally decides to stop being a line hog and Park Kyung will shine as the greaseball we all know he is.
And EXO will unfortunately be coming back…with a song that has already leaked which sounds like “Lemme Buy You a Drank” mixed with every Chris Brown song ever.

So April is already slightly more promising.

For those of you who are wondering: I do not think Heechul’s drama “Grandmas Over Flowers” has begun airing yet. I still think I will watch it, since now that all my faves besides SuJu have had comebacks, what do I have left to care about? I’m only slightly kidding.


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