Block B Don’t Know That It’s Actually 2014

I thought the year of turning multiple songs into one was 2013? Granted the trend all started with Hyuna’s iconic “Ice Cream” back in October 2012, and continued with HelLOVEnus’ “What Are You Doing Today” in December, and was finally immortalized by SNSD’s “I Got a Boy” on 1/1/2013;  then every group decided to get on board last year, but now, over a year later, Block B are doing what all the cool kids did last year by taking at least 5 songs and turning it into one huge mess. But this mess doesn’t even sound remotely good together.

Let’s remember here that I am a fan of Block B. I cried when I found out I couldn’t see them in New York since I’ll be in Greece. Park Kyung is one of my top biases, in terms of males, he’s only behind Kyuhyun, and most of B1A4. I was actually awake right after the “Jackpot” video was uploaded.

My hopes for this comeback were:

  • Zico wouldn’t be a super line hog
  • Taeil would be properly utilized
  • Jaehyo wouldn’t be shafted
  • Park Kyung would get to be the flawless greaseball he is

Basically two of those four things happened, so I guess I can’t complain too much, but I’m still going to.

So the video starts off with Block B reusing their clown masks from the “Very Good” video last year. We then see them reusing those colored suits from the “Very Good” stages last year. Way to be cheap, 7 Seasons.

The fact that Zico pulls out the “7th album, 7 members, 7 Seasons” makes me even more suspicious that 7 Seasons is actually Block B managing themselves. That shout out, and the ways they’re saving costs by also reusing props and other sets from “Very Good” too…

The video is actually amazing. It’s one of the most visually compelling boy group videos of the year. There’s a lot going on, so it makes you want to watch the video multiple times. I have, and I still don’t get what the hell this song is.

Zico remains a super line hog worse than all the other super line hogs in K-Pop. I’m not sure if Ukwon even had a line? BBomb got shafted, rather than Jaehyo who actually got to sing a bridge, a pleasant surprise.

Taeil finally got to sing his chorus’ properly and sounded amazing. PO, my least favorite member, actually stood out to me the most this comeback. His voice suits the song so well, and I think his look really suited the video. So he is now my second least favorite member, and Zico has moved down to last simply because he’s a super line hog worse than Jinyoung or GDragon could ever hope to be.

Upon first hearing the song,  I was like “wow my precious Park Kyung better not have been reduced to that one line in the chorus or I’m gonna throw my laptop.” But then the little greaseball comes in with his iconic “aiight” and then proceeds to slay everyone with his sing-rapping while wielding knives, whips, and his ultimate weapon: greasiness. He’s so charming it’s gross, considering I really thought he was the worst member upon first watching “Nilli Mambo” back in 2012. Yes, I’ve been a Block B fan longer than a B1A4 fan, how crazy. Anyways, the fact that Kyung always sounds like he has a mouth full of cottonballs is too sexy for his own good. Now if only he could grow a few centimeters. I kid….mostly.

The song itself is such a mess. Zico’s first rap sounds really cool – I like the circus themed background music. Then the first bridge kicks in with a completely different sound. Then the chorus sounds like a completely different song. Then Park Kyung’s singing rap part happens which sounds like it should be it’s own song. And the cycle starts again with the next verse. I think all of these individual parts sound fine on their own, but they don’t sound fine put together. It hurts my head a bit to listen to the song. Maybe it’ll be different without the video (kind of like how I warmed up to a few other songs after listening to them without the video), but this is one of my least favorite songs by Block B to date.

Video – 10000/10
Park Kyung’s hotness – 9000/10 because I hate his hair
Song – 6/10

I’m just so confused since fans seem to be eating this up as much, if not more, than “Very Good” – one of the top songs of 2013. Is this a case of me just not seeing what is so great about the song, or the fans blindly enjoying whatever an artist releases?

If this song was released in 2013, I would have probably tolerated it a bit more and not tear it apart as much as I have been all day.

The mashing songs together trend ended when B1A4 slayed everyone with “What’s Happening”  and then the rest of the composers in Korea realized they could never compete with Jinyoung’s masterpiece so they went back to writing music for the masses to enjoy that follows a traditional formula. Honestly it was for the best, since overall the second half of 2013 saw stronger releases….(Aside from that AlphaBAT mess that still tried to be cool in November…)

But apparently Zico is thirsty to bring back the trend. Following Nancy Reagan’s lead, fans, please Just Say No? 


2 thoughts on “Block B Don’t Know That It’s Actually 2014

  1. I partly agree with you on some things, but…the reason why Block B reuses clown masks and some of the outfits it’s because Jackpot is continuations of Very Good. After they robbed the bank and got the money, they spent it big time. It wouldn’t be bad if you read english translation of lyrics in which they talk about human greed. This music video is actually very thought up and nothing is coincidental. They got the money so they spent it with eather buying circus or going to the circus. They kidnap the girl give her makeover, they play with her, etc…not only that but music video actually has a lot of elements of their previous music videos, so they basically payed homage to their previous work.
    About seven seasons, I don’t know how big of a fan are you, but seven seasons was created especially for Block B after they ended their contracts with Brand New Stardom, hence the 7 (seven members) seasons, so in a way they do manage themselves, because they use groups money to promote. But they do have people who work with them, they have managers, cordi noonas, assistants and president of seven seasons. It is their new record company and label. They couldn’t possibly manage themselves on their own, they do have a team, but the team was created especially for them. So that’s why Zico said at the beginning 7 members, 7 seasons, 7th album.
    About the song…to be honest after I first listened I was like WTF? It was so disjointed and the passages weren’t smooth, but after I listened it for a couple of times I actually started to like it. It may not seem so but Zico did a great job with this song, it actually has so many elements and subtile sounds and tones that after hearing it for 20th time, you would still be able to hear someting new (some new sound, tone,..) But I do agree with you about Zico hoging the songs. I just wish some other members (U-KWON, B-BOMB, JAEHYO) got more lines or even spotlight while dancing. On the other hand, Zico is most famous from Block B so he is kinda thrown forward in the songs, but in the interviews they all get the chance to speak and express themselves, so it’s not like Zico overshadows his band members.


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