Throwback Thursday: Chris Brown Incident with T-Ara N4

As some fans may remember, and other non-K-Pop fans probably don’t know, T-Ara’s subunit, T-Ara N4 attempted to debut in America last year with the help from Chris Brown.

Chris Brown is already one of my least favorite celebrities on the planet; I do like a few of his songs, specifically “Forever” but I think he is one of the biggest pieces of human scum on the planet for abusing his girlfriend (please note while I don’t care for Rihanna as a person either, abuse is never ok). What is worse is that some of his fans, young girls, want Chris to beat them too. It seems like most people have completely forgotten about the abuse incident. Chris’ music is as popular as ever, and has had two albums reach #1 on Billboard since his domestic violence scandal. While obviously your personal life doesn’t change your talent (I admit, Chris Brown is a relatively talented artist and if not for his scandal, could have been on the way to being the next Usher), it should affect your success. In the K-Pop world, we see so many artists who are knocked down because of scandals that the public refuses to forgive them for.

Namely: T-Ara.

So right after the bullying scandal (which obviously while bad is not HALF as bad as domestic violence), CCM decided to debut a subunit of T-Ara including Jiyeon, Hyomin, Eunjung and Areum. Basically the 3 most popular members and the new girl who ended up leaving the group in July 2013. Their song “Countryside Life” – basically created to call out their haters, didn’t do too horribly, to the point where CCM realized that their trainee Dani had a connection with Chris Brown and decided to fly the girls over to the USA – after they supposedly got a black ocean at the 2013 Dream Concert (which I didn’t participate in, rather I sang along to the song while filming the performance and along with the rest of the embarrassing videos from that night, will never be viewed by the public).

At one point Chris Brown called the girls out for lip syncing. Ok, a lot of K-Pop stars do that. As do a lot of Western stars. While it’s a bit rude to call a group out on this, especially considering the demanding dance routine of the song – what Chris did during a performance stage was even worse.

To recap: The girls are performing their song. Most of them do not know English above a basic level. Chris gets on stage and interrupts the girls. He makes the DJ STOP playing their track, leaving T-Ara looking confused and lost. He talks about his ‘new single’ coming out; rather than just waiting until T-Ara were finished. You can tell after Chris finally shuts up that the girls were still lost and confused.

I’m actually surprised the video has almost 450,000 views, since it seems people don’t know or want to ‘forget’ that this happened.

This simply adds fuel to my ‘Let Chris Brown Rot in Jail’ mentality.

The complete disregard for these girls’ feelings and self centered behavior he exhibits is utterly ridiculous.

I still have no idea how Chris Brown manages to maintain his fame. Obviously T-Ara didn’t end up making it big in the USA – I highly doubt any K-Pop act ever will ; even Girls Generation, the Queens of K-Pop, flopped harder than they should have when they debuted here back in 2012.

Even though this is obviously almost a year old, and isn’t “happening” right now, this incident seems to pop up in my mind a lot, and I only wish to spread the word that Chris Brown is still a jerk and T-Ara deserved better, regardless if they really did bully Hwayoung (who is currently using the situation for media play) or not.

T-Ara has great music, and deserves so much better than what they’ve been getting for the past two years. I’m very much hoping that when the group makes their next comeback, hopefully sticking with the 6 core members, it will top the charts as all T-Ara songs should.


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Chris Brown Incident with T-Ara N4

  1. hi, what chris brown did is beyond everything. what a jerk. but dont get confused by the personal life of a celebrity and the talent a celebrity has.

    i think k-pop stars behave in a similiar shitty way. trying to indirectly force the society to get plastic surgery and whatnot is also not the way of how to behave as a star. you should be a role model of course. but in korea, being a celebrity is more or less being part of a big theatre. showing off in public like a totally another person. asians have several words for that, in korea is called 눈치 beware of yourself/saving the face.

    iam no fan of chris brown nor of t-ara, but since iam studying asian studies i know things going on in korea or japan, so it makes me puke how fucked up that society is…

    greetings from Germany.


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