No Post This Week

Hello All,

Due to multiple reasons, there will be no post on becausekpop this week.

Firstly, is out of my respect to those affected by the Sewol ferry accident.

Second, is because of said incident, out of respect, a majority of artists have cancelled their activities for the past two weeks.

Third is my own busy schedule. It’s the second to last week of my senior year of college, and I have at least 6 projects/papers to do in the next two weeks so I need to use my “free time” to do work whenever I can (like right now I should be practicing a speech but I’m not…).

I apologize if anyone who enjoys the posts on here is disappointed in my decision to put the blog on hold this week, and possibly next week depending on how much school work I get done between now and next Monday. I do have some posts planned for ‘slow times’ in the music industry, so I can work on one of them if I get some time.

But for now, please continue to keep the children and adults lost on the Sewol, as well as their families, in your thoughts.


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