CUBE aims to become public, fans whine over changes

Originally I had planned to write a post about why CUBE should probably be the third of the “Big 3” rather than JYP. Obviously SM Ent and YG are the two most profitable companies in K-Pop and have the most popular groups, but I’ve felt that JYP has been lacking over the last few years. Wonder Girls are basically gone, 2PM doesn’t do much – maybe one comeback per year, and the haven’t been as successful since Jay Park left, Miss A do all right for themselves but only have one comeback per year, and 15& is not promoted properly. Sad to say, the best thing JYP has going for them right now are Got7 who I think are super overrated, and I don’t like them. Obviously that’s my personal opinion, but let’s be real – the fact that their ridiculous debut song had more votes on music programs than B1A4’s masterpiece “Lonely” shows how dumb teenaged girls are, and that if you’re a rookie from the Big 3, nobody cares how lame your songs are.

Back to my point – CUBE has been consistently delivering since 2009. B2ST’s songs seem to do better and better, and they have a very loyal fanbase. 4Minute hit superstardom in 2013 with “What’s Your Name” and Hyuna is basically the Queen of the World. btob are a relatively successful group who had the misfortune of debuting the same year as EXO. Plus Rain just joined CUBE, and he’s basically the biggest male soloist in K-Pop, despite that his comeback in January was a huge flop. Then let’s talk about ACube, a division of CUBE. Now, I have no idea why CUBE did this, because they have two huge acts on ACube – Huh Gak, and APink. APink are probably bigger than 4Minute at this point, and Huh Gak’s songs always do pretty well on the charts. In the last five years, CUBE and it’s sub-company have been delivering more consistently, and have been more active than JYP.

So CUBE is finally making the decision to become a public company, and as expected, fans a whining about it. FNC, the company AOA, FT Island, and CN Blue are from, is also planning to go public. Please note I don’t care about FNC, and even though FT Island and CN Blue are both pretty popular, AOA basically are only popular because of “Miniskirt” – and their mess of a concept made me just really not care at all.

AllKPop, the hub of K-Pop fan drama, chose to stupidly title their article in a way to mention “Big 5”  and stupid K-Pop fans are overreacting, as they do to almost everything. There are going to be 5 public companies, and they have the largest revenue of the K-Pop companies – so yes, they are the “Big 5” ; but are these fans daft enough to not realize that they can seriously just continue saying “Big 3” because obviously the top 3 companies aren’t changing anytime soon? The comments are so ridiculous, it hurt my brain to read them. This is a great example of how AllKpop sucks at reporting news, because they make stupid comments or biased headlines that they know will result in fans making dumb comments and getting them views. While obviously it’s a good marketing tactic, if you’re going to be reporting news, it’s important to do it in an unbiased way. It doesn’t help that most K-Pop fans seem to be under 18 years old, and can’t think rationally, or better yet don’t speak English as a first language, so they see headlines and misinterpret them – which in that case is obviously not the fan’s fault at all.

While I really do think JYP should not be considered one of the Big 3 – despite that they actually have much higher revenue than CUBE (which I would say is from royalties as well as concerts), their artists are not as active, and aside from Miss A and 15&, I just don’t think any of their artists are really relevant anymore. 2PM, despite their sales increasing, is definitely not a top tier boy group anymore; Infinite outsold them last year, and Vixx was only 4k copies behind. Obviously the JYP name is still helping promote groups coming from the company (read: Got7, and the upcoming new groups), but I just don’t see the company as having star power it did from say 2007-2011 when both Wonder Girls and 2PM were at the height of their popularity.

CUBE seems to be constantly rising and I don’t know why so many people say that CUBE is a company with nothing to offer. Even though the only true in-house songwriter they have is B2ST member Jong Junhyung, I personally like that they get outside producers and songwriters, because it diversifies their music, and you don’t get people complaining how ‘it all sounds the same’ – except with APink….but I’m getting over that.

Basically, I think it’ll be good for CUBE to become a public company, and in my heart I still feel as though they’ve had more success over these last few years than JYP in terms of promoting and actually releasing quality music. Fans basically need to calm themselves and get over it.


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