My Favorite B1A4 Songs

Since my dead WordPress still averages about 10 views per day since I made my top Super Junior songs post back in 2012, I feel like this blog would be done justice by a top songs post.

The Children of B1A4
The Children of B1A4 – Baro, Gongchan, Jinyoung, Sandeul, CNU


B1A4 is currently my favorite music group period, so I want to make my Top B1A4 Songs post. The problem is, unlike Super Junior, B1A4 actually has been coming out with music relatively steadily. I have it on good authority that they’ll be releasing a new set of songs this Summer, so this could even be outdated by the time that set of songs is released. Basically, I have to say this is My Favorite B1A4 Songs as of June 2014, since their catalogue grows all the time.

I’m basically going to take into account every single song they’ve ever released – Korean and Japanese – but note that nothing on will be included since I think that album was sub-par at best, and I’m glad I didn’t actually buy it – something I never thought I’d say about B1A4’s music. I’ll basically do a Top 20 Songs, since according to my iTunes they have 75 songs out. I’ll indicate my play-count of each song, since some songs I actually like more, I don’t listen to as often, since they’re not as ~upbeat~. Line distribution is also important to me since all of these kids can actually sing/rap and add something to the group. But it should also be noted that Jinyoung is, sadly, my favorite member, so that will 100% make my list biased.

20. “뭐 할래요”/”What Do You Want to Do?” – In The Wind (2012) – Played 26 times.

I’m one of the fans who enjoys this song but doesn’t think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. I like the tune, and it pops into my head a lot, but I just don’t see why so many fans are so…obsessed? with this song? I’m not sure if I really wanted to include it in my top 20, but I almost felt obligated to because of how much most BANA (aka B1A4 Fans) love the song. I have a playlist of Jinyoung’s compositions (that I still haven’t added anything from Who Am I to yet…oops), and I have them in order of favorite to least favorite, and of the 13, this one is 8th. He’s done better, but he’s done worse.

19. “Fooool” – It B1A4 (2011) – Played 43 times.

I really enjoy this song. It B1A4 is a great little mini album, and I would say it’s my second or third favorite overall release by the boys. The song has a quirky Summer vibe to it, even though the lyrics don’t really match the tune. The chorus is easy to sing along to, and it’s just kind of a cute little song, despite being about a girl cheating and keeping secrets. Jinyoung didn’t even write this one, surprisingly.

18. “So Fine” – Ignition (2012) – Played 52 times.

Note here that “Pretty” from Who Am I is basically a bad re-write of this song, in my opinion. I know none of the members wrote “So Fine” but I think the song sounds less try hard and less-‘ok 13 year old fans you’re pretty, please stop asking at fan meetings’, more ‘actual adult woman I can date, stop being self conscious because you’re pretty’, and I like the tune a bit better. I also love the Gongchan/CNU parts of the song. Their voices sound lovely together, and I wish they’d get to sing together more often.

17.”웃어봐”/ “Smile” –  Ignition (2012) – Played 73 times.

The vocal line (Sandeul, CNU, Jinyoung and Gongchan) got to have their own song without Baro’s awkward raps that don’t belong in a lot of B1A4’s songs, and it’s wonderful. Honestly I could even do without Sandeul in this song, because Jinyoung and CNU killed the verses, and Gongchan deserved more than a small bridge. I’ll be up front here and say CNU deserves to be the main vocalist of this group – he has a unique color to his voice, and it’s like warm caramel. Not that Sandeul has a bad voice, but it’s more generic to me. Anyways, the song is a cute ditty about proposing. The slower vibe of the song gives it a sadder feel than it really needs to have, but it reminds me of a crooner song from the 1950s. This song also has about 0 lines of English. 굿.

16. “Who Am I” – Who Am I (2014) – Played 18 times.


So this song would be higher, except for I actually hate how lyrically repetitive it is. I love how it’s composed, and it was really the first song on Who Am I to get my attention, aside from CNU’s solo song. This is really the most B1A4-like song on the disc, and it sounds almost like a reject off of the Ignition album, which to this day, I still prefer immensely to Who Am I, and is, in my opinion, the strongest B1A4 release. I like how the song actually has a few different parts to it, similar to the trend back in 2013 (I would assume the song was written in 2013), and how the song builds and then flows throughout. Any fan of electronic music should listen to this track.

That time B1A4 looked their age

15. “나쁜 짓 안 할게요”/ “I Won’t Do Bad Things” – In The Wind (2012) – Played 15 times.

For some reason I don’t listen to this song very much in my iTunes, but when I had In The Wind in the CD player in my car, I would listen to this track all the time. In The Wind is actually a great little mini album (I say this about everything they release except for Let’s Fly, honestly), and every song is actually good. I’ve referred to it as Jinyoung’s Pet Project, since he seemed to have so much to do with a majority of the songs. This particular track wasn’t written by him, instead it was written by the team behind a majority of B1A4’s non-self composed songs, 우리형과 내동생. It’s perfect for a Fall day, or listening to while writing a paper. Plus I love that Baro doesn’t rap per se on this song, as much as he almost croons – something he needs to do more of, because his raps do not have a place in every single song. As a matter of fact, that’s one thing I really enjoy about In The Wind, as a whole, is that there aren’t as many forced rap breaks.

14. “없구나”/ “Lonely” – Who Am I (2014) – Played 60 times.

Jinyoung had too many lines! I’m still pressed about this! He’s my favorite member but his voice is only like 3rd in the group? Plus he gets royalties for writing the song, so he looks like a complete ass for being a line hog. Why did he get to sing more than Sandeul, the main vocal? Not that I’m actually complaining about that, since I prefer Jinyoung’s voice since it’s distinct, but…just…no.

Anyways it’s really a good song. It took me a while to warm up to it, since I didn’t care for it in the teasers – which only played the beginning chords and then the end when, I think CNU, sings ‘Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely boy.’ I’ve grown to love this song more than a lot of the other main singles B1A4 released, and the dance is just so on point – the live performances are part of why I pushed it so high. I loved Baro’s rap break, CNU shined in his parts, and for being such a sad song, the composition remains relatively upbeat, while still twinging of heartbreak.

Everything about this performance is just perfect, so please enjoy it as much as I did. And I can 100% assure they are singing live, unlike so many K-Pop acts who lip sync.

13. “Ready to Go” – Beautiful Target (Japanese Single) (2012) – Played 14 times.

Why don’t any fans talk about this song? I get that it’s obscure and most fans probably don’t have it since it was only released on one of the Japanese Beautiful Target singles, of which there are 3 versions, but I found a download of it, and this is probably a song that should be re-released in Korean, because it’s such a great song. It’s both relaxing and upbeat at the same time. It has a dream-like quality to it. Please note I’ve never looked up the lyrics to it.

12. “Beautiful Lie” – (2012) – Played 35 times.

B1A4, except for that mess 2, actually puts out overall good quality Japanese music; even the songs that they remake from Korean to Japanese. I know most Korean fans probably don’t listen to their Japanese music, but as an International fan who took a year of Japanese (and forgot most of it), and who knows only elementary level Korean, I don’t care what language a song is in as long as it’s appealing. I feel like 1 is kind of B1A4’s Girls’ Generation, SNSD’s first Japanese album that shit all over every one of their Korean releases to date; except 1 isn’t *that* good to outshine Ignition. Anyways “Beautiful Lie” is easily the standout track on the album; Jinyoung composed it, of course, and CNU got to sing the chorus, which is extremely important, since he rarely gets to sing choruses! The song has such a funky vibe to it, and I can see why CNU went that route with his solo song on Who Am I, since the style fit so well.

11. “Baby I’m Sorry” – Ignition (2012) – Played 191 times.

The composition of this song is so flawless. It basically marks when Jinyoung got his shit together as a composer, stepping away from the horribleness that is “Bling Girl” and the basic original tune of “Wonderful Tonight.” The layers in this song. And have you heard the Japanese version? Jinyoung’s vocals are literally to die for, and this is actually one of the songs that made a decent transition from Korean to Japanese without sounding forced. I still have no idea what “dancing party time” has to do with anything else in this damn song, but I’ve gotten over it.

10. “Hey Girl” – 1000th Man OST (2012) – Played 90 times.

This song I first heard while watching Hello Baby, and thought it sounded really cute, so I found it on YouTube and listened to the whole thing. It instantly reminded me of a male version of Secret’s “Shy Boy” – one of my top 5 favorite Secret songs, so obviously I fell in love with it instantly, and it’s 10000% better than EXID’s reggae-fail “Hey Boy” for the same OST. “Hey Girl” ignited in me that I require B1A4 to do a cute 1950s Americana inspired concept with cute newsboy caps, pants too short for their legs, and suspenders before I die, or else I don’t know what I’ll do with my life. My eternal problem with this song is that I can only tell when Jinyoung and Baro are singing/rapping, and Sandeul, CNU, and Gongchan all blend into each other. Otherwise, it’s a cute ditty that could have easily been promoted as a single.

9. “별빛의 노래”/ “Starlight’s Song” – 이게무슨일이야 (2013) – Played 82 times.

This was supposed to be the album’s follow-up single, but Baro hurt his foot, so the promotions were cancelled. It’s a shame, because watching the bootlegged concert videos of this song show how well it really does fit B1A4 despite being a bit distant from their usual style. It plays almost like a lullaby, but the slight twists in the composition make it interesting. If you don’t get chills when Jinyoung sings his last “너와 나 chemistry” line, what are you even doing with your life?

8. “Beautiful Target” – It B1A4 (2011) – Played 188 times.

Such HIpsters
Such HIpsters

This mess. How can it not be in your Top B1A4 songs? They reached the height of their hipster-dom with this song and concept, and it reminded me of HelloGoodbye, that mess of a group from the early 2000’s that all the scene kids in middle school obsessed over. But less whiney. I like it, like it, like it.

Also, Jinyoung’s smarmy face in the video.

7. “사랑 그땐“/ “Love Then” Feat. 하림- Who Am I (2014) – Played 14 times.

I always joke how this sounds plagiarized from the soundtrack of Disney’s The Rescuers. It really does, which slightly bothers me, since I doubt Jinyoung actually watched that movie ever, but I like how this song is just so different from everything else B1A4 has ever released – it’s unique in the entire scale of K-Pop, for that matter. It’s not very common that groups will take influence from easy-listening 1970’s music. I don’t listen to the song much according to iTunes, because I mostly listen to music in the car, and this is just too relaxing to listen to while I drive. But I have watched the below video at least 10 times. Gongchan’s voice fits this song so well, and I would love for him to get a solo with this sound.

6. “Super Sonic” – Ignition (2012) – Played 199 times.

I have to say, I love the entire Ignition album, aside from Sandeul’s solo song, which is why the album has so many appearances on this list. I know most fans probably think this song is a joke, and it is, but it’s the joke of a lifetime. It’s so bad, it’s like a car-wreck that you can’t help but stare at. “Super hot girl”, “centering and goal”, “sexy bomb”, “귀여워 like bunnies, baby” – the ridiculous Engrish lyrics don’t quit in this song! I love it so much, and besides Gongchan who gets like 2 lines (the poor kid gets shafted always), I like how basically it’s very evenly divided amongst the other 4, and the electronic sound to the backtrack is always fun.

5. “You Are My Girl” – Ignition (2012) – Played 220 times.

While I’ve listened to this song more than most of the other songs in the top 5, I can’t put it much higher for the fact that it’s not as musically interesting, nor does it showcase the boys’ talents as much. Gongchan has like two lines, and Baro raps most of the song. But I still like it because it’s fun, upbeat, and super cute. CNU’s bridges are my favorite part of the song. I also love how it’s their little song for BANA, like how other groups have songs for their fans (Super Junior has at least 5).

4. “몇 번을”/”How Many Times” – 이게무슨일이야 (2013) – Played 35 times.

This is easily the most underrated song on this mini album. I NEVER hear any BANA talk about it, and it’s so upsetting, since I think it’s one of the best songs on the CD, hence my inclusion of it here. It’s not as slow as “Good Love” (I really am not a fan of slow songs), and I think it’s a bit more interestingly composed than “Yesterday.” I like how the song picks up and then slows down. There’s not any English in the song, if I’m recalling correctly, and I think B1A4 shines when they stay away from English, (I’m mostly kidding…mostly) but in all honesty – it doesn’t sound as forced as when K-Pop tries to put English in the songs. I don’t mind it most of the time, but they all sound so comfortable singing this song, and I would actually love for them to perform it live.

3. “Wonderful Tonight (Unplugged Mix)” – Ignition (2012) – Played 117 times.

So much better than the original version on It B1A4, the Unplugged Mix offers a stripped down version of “Wonderful Tonight”, which really showcases Jinyoung’s composition skills, and how he is able to transform his songs. The background music doesn’t overpower the vocals, and even with a bit of lyric altering, I think this is a much stronger version of the song. Even the raps from Baro and CNU in the second verse don’t seem as awkward, and they fit the acoustic version – something raps don’t usually do. This offers a bit of a different side to B1A4, something that was a bit of a prelude to their Who Am I album, showing that they don’t always need to “hide behind” electronic music.

2. “너때문에” / “Because of You” – Ignition, Special Edition (2012) – Played 178 times.

I’m really glad that I bought the Special Edition of Ignition instead of the original version, simply for this song. It has a very heavy R&B vibe, and probably one of the best line-distributions of the Ignition era. I’m still a bit depressed they never made a video for this song, since I think it would have been a stronger, more Korean public-friendly single over “Baby Goodnight”. Everyone’s voice sounds excellent on the song too; there isn’t any falsetto – and CNU’s second choruses (the part after Sandeul sings? Is that still the chorus? I dropped music classes after Junior High…) are literally to die for. I’d love a B1A4 album with more songs like this one, since it combines the R&B influence almost all of the boys cite, with the upbeat quirkiness in the composition that I love.

1. “이게무슨일이야” / “What’s Happening” – 이게무슨일이야 (2013) – Played 575 times.

This is basically the song that turned me into a B1A4 fan, so obviously it has a special place in my heart and I’m super biased towards it. Interestingly, I feel like the song is an outlier on the mini-album, since the sound is distinct from the rest of the mini, and I’m surprised that they chose this as the single, as well as put it on this mini album. It sounds more like something that’s completely different from the rest of B1A4’s music, but at the same time, it’s the most B1A4-like song they have. It’s quirky. It has a complicated yet interesting composition. It has a similar lyrical content to a lot of their songs (cheating, loss of love, young naivety). The line distribution doesn’t make me cringe. The video is fun and cute. The song earned B1A4 their first music program win, and even though it only reached Top 10 on Gaon, it seriously was played constantly, everywhere, in Seoul. The boys seem to have fun performing it, and it’s a song that after a year, I’m not sick of in the slightest, and it hasn’t left my playlist since buying the mini-album. It’s literally a perfectly crafted song, that I have officially listened to more than any other song in my iTunes, which has been in effect since basically 2008.

I tried to find the 2013 Dream Concert performance that ruined my life,but since I can’t find the official video, and all the fancams are littered with teenagers singing, here’s the dance practice.


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