I Need Alcohol After “Hangover”

I never understood why “Gangnam Style” went viral, or why it was even a huge success in Korea. Besides Queen Hyuna’s flaw free face in the video, the song isn’t any more catchy than any other K-Pop song. The video is absurd, but until you see the hair on 2005!Super Junior you don’t even know what absurd is. There’s barely any English in the song, so I really have no idea why one night I heard some bro blasting it from his car on Quinnipiac’s campus in Fall 2012. I get that the song is ironic, and if you actually know Korean and are familiar with the culture you can appreciate the song meaning a bit more – but as a whole, it’s not outstanding. Yet it was the first video on YouTube to gain 1 billion views, and it broke SNSD’s record as having the most wins with one song on a music program.

Then I was in Korea when “Gentleman” came out. It was a try-hard copycat of “Gangnam Style,” that used the iconic “Abracadabra” dance to gain attention.

Now Psy is back with one of my favorite rappers Snoop Dogg for the new mess of a song and video called “Hangover.” It’s billed as Psy featuring Snoop, but it really should be the other way around, since besides Psy repeating “hangover” 10000 times, Snoop actually raps a majority of the song. Snoop Dogg is interesting, since he actually first collaborated with SNSD on a remix of “The Boys” back when they tried and failed to make it big in America (thank god). He seems to have a large interest in K-Pop, so I wasn’t surprised to see him collaborating with Psy. I am surprised though that he’s credited as Snoop Dogg – when did Snoop Lion change back to Snoop Dogg?

“Hangover” is a huge mess of a video and like “Gentleman”, it’s trying too hard to be like “Gangnam Style” level of crazy. I do appreciate the massive amounts of soju (liquor of the gods) consumption simulation in the video, as well as Snoop skipping through a carnival with an older lady on his arm. I actually did find a a majority of the video clever, and not contrived.

The song itself is horrible. I’m going to be appalled if it wins on music shows (which I’m sure it will, since it’s already gone viral in less than 24 hours), since the song sounds like the typical YG Swag you’d expect on a G Dragon album. I don’t…understand why this is a real song, because it’s so absurd, and Snoop talks about  having a ‘wake and bake’ at least 3 times, which has nothing to do with an alcohol induced hangover.

Psy’s songs don’t make sense. That’s basically what I’m getting at here, but that’s exactly why I don’t know how they do so well. Whiney K-Pop Fans (trademark pending), continually complain about songs from SM Entertainment lyrically making no sense, and shun them, but then you get Psy’s songs with ridiculous lyrics, accompanied by videos which seem like something a ~Special Snowflake~ emo kid circa 2006 would have made, and they’re the biggest global K-Pop hits. I’d argue that a majority of non-Koreans enjoy Psy because he’s so ridiculous, it’s easy to laugh at him and not feel bad about it, but why is he so popular in Korea? Maybe because he’s almost the anti-Idol ; he’s not handsome nor does he have a six pack that most Whiney K-Pop Fans lust after, Psy can’t dance extremely well, and his voice is certainly not on par with the top vocals in the industry. Maybe it’s because he’s the average man that people feel they can relate to, but it doesn’t explain why his recent songs, which are no more or less interesting than a majority of K-Pop, seem to dominate so heavily.

I’d actually be interested in Psy and Snoop to promote this mess in America, simply because I feel like I’d enjoy seeing the song get super popular here, considering most of the top songs on iTunes now are all more obnoxious than this song, and hearing “Hangover” in stores would always be amusing, especially if half the song gets censored.

Overall, I’m over Psy and all of this music videos having such popularity. Sadly he’ll be releasing another single called “Daddy” in the upcoming months. Barf.

As a K-Pop fan who enjoys a majority of groups, I can say Psy is not representative of K-Pop; and while it would be hard for just one group to be considered a representative K-Pop act; it becomes bothersome when people find out you enjoy the genre, and then assume it’s all similar to “Gangnam Style.” Trust me, it’s not.


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