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So I’m avoiding the sun like the plague in Greece right about now, but I need a post to tide the blog over until I return. So instead of writing this while I’m enjoying my “educational trip to broaden my horizons”, I’m just going to let this post in the queue – so please note this was written the week of June 18.

Since I won’t be keeping up on K-Pop news while I’m gone, I’m going to go ahead and make another ‘Top” posts – this time my Top Male Biases, so you all can get to know me a bit better. I actually have so many more female biases than male biases, so I’m starting with males again so this will be easier. I’m limiting myself to one member per group.

Cho Kyuhyun – Super Junior and associated subunits

Kyuhyun was my first bias in K-Pop. My friend told me to watch some K-Pop MVs, and she sent me Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple” mess of an MV with the opening elevator music, and I was super confused until Kyuhyun came on screen. He is the most beautiful man I have ever physically laid my eyes on in person. Yes, in person. I saw him in the Three Musketeers musical, but I’ll get to that. Anyways, he also has the voice of an angel. While I don’t think his voice suits a lot of the songs Super Junior releases, Kyuhyun can sing anything and sound perfect doing it. According that that K-Pop Vocal Analysis blog I link to all the time, he actually is said to have one of the better voices in K-Pop, and it gets better constantly. Yes, I’m still pressed SM replaced him in SM The Ballad.

I have no problems with Kyuhyun and literally can find no flaws in the man. He’s funny, witty, super intelligent, tall-ish, has a nice build, ultra handsome, and can sing like nobody’s business. Even though he doesn’t write his own songs, that’s not a problem to me, since he knows where his true talent is. Not to mention the fact that he was almost paralyzed in the late 2000s after a car accident, and worked enough to become one of the top dancers in Super Junior. I really think Kyuhyun deserves better than Super Junior though – he’s rarely shafted with lines as my other favorites in the group are since he is one of the top 3 vocalists in the group, but the songs do nothing for him, or to showcase his abilities. Plus the fact that there are at least 8 other members mean that he has to share screen time, and that’s no bueno. Even though I didn’t get to see a Super Show, comparing fan pictures to how Kyuhyun looked on stage at 3 Musketeers, I feel like he’s more in his element during musicals. I would be so happy if he turned to musicals once Super Junior’s contract ends.

Jung Jinyoung – B1A4

Eurgh, this kid is the worst one in the group. It’s hard for me to pick out a bias since I really love every member of B1A4 so much, but especially Jinyoung and CNU. For a while I debated whether Jinyoung or Kyuhyun were my true top bias, but I’ve decided it’s Kyuhyun since even the blonde “Don’t Don” era didn’t look as ratchet as Jinyoung’s current pink hair does – and Kyuhyun’s faces are also not half as smarmy, nor his he too skinny for his own good.

I kid, mostly. I mean, I make fun of Jinyoung so much because I love the kid to death, and it’s how I cope. He composes a good amount of B1A4’s songs, and they all sound amazing, except the ridiculous songs that are “Bling Girl” and “Feeling.” I would say his compositions are some of the best in K-Pop, since they’re complex, but not complicated. Dare I say, his song production reminds me of Lindsey Buckingham’s. Listen to the layers in Fleetwood Mac’s “Gypsy” and then listen to B1A4’s “Baby I’m Sorry” and tell me there aren’t similarities in production value. Jinyoung also fingerpicks when he plays guitar as Buckingham does, which slayed me upon realizing the similarity.

He’s a very talented guy, and he puts his heart and soul into all of his work – be it singing, composing, or acting. His smile lights up my entire world, and nothing makes me happier than seeing this kid laugh. I never understood why fans got so butthurt about idols going to do their required military service, but I know when Jinyoung goes I’ll be pretty affected by it, even if at that point I’m in a relationship, or god forbid have kids. He is a ray of sunshine, and I don’t understand why so many international B1A4 fans dislike him so much. He’s disgustingly popular in Korea (to the point where it makes me mad how much he outshines the other members), but so many international fans don’t like him – yes, he’s a bit boring on variety shows, but at least he doesn’t act obnoxious or put on a fake personality. I really admire him, and I feel like we have a **~personal connection~**  and even though I truly love Kyuhyun more, Jinyoung would be the (male) idol I would most want to meet. I’m planning on starting a petition for Jinyoung to have red hair always.

Park Kyung – Block B

No, but Park Kyung is really the worst one in his group. Jaehyo caught my eye first, because let’s face it, the boy is walking perfection – and I watched the “Nililli Mambo” video, and as soon as I saw Kyung, I said “Is that kid really an idol? What? What is he doing? He sounds like he has a mouth full of cottonballs.” All of these things add into why I adore Kyung so much. He’s a little greaseball that says “aiight” to the point where it’s become his trademark. His solo song off of the Very Good mini album stuck out the most- it’s so unique and has almost a Bossa Nova light vibe that you just want to chill to on a Sunday morning while lying in bed. Kyung is easily one of my favorite rappers in K-Pop, and his silly personality is always great to watch on shows and even in MVs.

Lee Seunghyun (Seungri) – Big Bang

Honestly, I don’t care about Big Bang very much. I like a few of their songs, but I don’t follow them as a group. Their music is too Early 2000s USA Hip-Hop for my tastes. Seungri and Daesung stood out to me the most when I first saw the “Lollipop” video, but it wasn’t until I found Seungri’s solo career that I realized that he is easily my favorite member of this group. I’m still disappointed that “Gotta Talk to You” didn’t win on any awards shows last year, since the song was pure perfection. His songs all have this sensual vibe to them, are extremely danceable, or both. His twitter feed was hilarious for the first few days he had the account, and I also really enjoyed reading about his sex scandal a few years ago.

Jang Dongwoo – Infinite

I usually call Dongwoo “other Dongwoo” simply because that’s also CNUs real name, so I obviously don’t mean disrespect by that. Dongwoo was the first Infinite member to catch my eye, when I watched Mamma Mia – the episode during Kyuhyun’s short time as a host that also included Sandeul from B1A4. Dongwoo entirely stole the show for me, since he, and his mom, were hilarious. It also should be noted Dongwoo doesn’t have the typical pretty boy idol look, so it’s hard to miss him. I love when there are members of groups who stand out and don’t have typical idol appearances.

Jung Ilhoon – btob

Ilhoon is a cutie pie with a quirky voice. I mostly enjoy his collaborations with soloists – such as his features on Hyuna’s “Unripe Apple” and G.Na’s “Oops!” – but I also do enjoy BtoB. I like that Ilhoon has a unique style of rapping and doesn’t buy into the typical ‘deep voiced rapper’ trend that’s been taking over K-Pop since Big Bang blew up. He also invented the “gwiyomi player” – how endearing is that?

Jung Yunho – TVXQ

I think he’s extraordinarily handsome, and I love watching him dance. There’s nothing sexier than a tall man who can dance. What else is there to care about?

Considering how I barely listen to any male groups, I think this is a long enough list to be sufficient.


12 thoughts on “Top Male Biases

  1. ,i really like his musical too .. but i still wish that he finds a girlfriend so he can show more emotions .. but i might bash the girl cos im a jealous one, urghh !! anyways, i think kyu has been improving in his latest musical, yep slowly, but surely ..thanks 4 this beautiful blog ^^,

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  3. […] Their last comeback, “Tanttara” caught some attention since it was miles more mature than “AB City” – which was too confused whether it wanted to be cute or hip-hop. “Tanttara” was mature, had an interesting sound and dance, but still, wasn’t anything too unique. I’ve lost interest in the group overall since I’m having a hard time finding anything special about them anymore. Their concept is too ridiculous for me (similar to how AOA’s concept was too ridiculous until they kicked out the half-angel, and decided they’re not angels anymore), and their music is really not anything amazing. I realized the only reason they caught my attention in the first place was because G:Amma looks like a less cute Jinyoung, who we all know is the cutest boy ever. […]


  4. No. I have never been to a musical of Kyuhyun. I am not living in korea actually. But i watched a video of his new musical: Singin in the rain. I think he is not good at acting. Do not worry, when he turn to a solo career, he will sing many songs like 7 years of love


  5. I love Kyuhyun! He is almost flawless. But I do not think he is good at musicals. He love ballad so he should become a ballad singer instead


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