Apparently I Can’t Go Away, Or I Miss Everything

Basically every time I need or have to take a break from the Internet, everything important happens. Let’s be real, Greece was miserable for me. I got hurt all the time (scrapes, bug bites, twisted ankle, etc), and came back with a sunburn. I barely could sleep. There was little wi-fi, but with what I could manage to do, I noticed I’ve been missing super important K-Pop news. I’m gonna recap here, just because I have a lot of thoughts.

Firstly, Hyunseung has stolen my hairstyle in B2st’s video for “Good Luck” – I’ve been wearing my hair in bandanas like that since late May, and all of a sudden, Hyunseung jacked my look. Rude. In all seriousness, “Good Luck” is an amazing song, and I think B2st is growing to be one of my favorite boy groups – aside the fact that I don’t care for their pre-“Beautiful Night” songs very much.

APink has created a subunit of the two least popular members for the Brave Brothers 10 year project. Not sure what the point of that was.

KARA picked a new member from KARA Project. I continue to be indifferent.

Park Bom has been accused of smuggling drugs into Korea. Obviously I burst out laughing when I read that, since it’s about time a scandal happened in 2ne1. Also how stupid can you be? I’m probably going to be following this news a lot, since I dislike 2ne1 as it is, and can’t wait to see how this plays out.

T-ara’s Hyomin overshadowed  fellow member Jiyeon’s flop solo debut with “Nice Body” – though I didn’t get to watch an HQ version of the video yet, of which there seem to be at least 6 versions of within these last 3 days – the choreography isn’t as strong as “Never Ever,” but the song is much stronger. I don’t doubt everything will be censored a bit on live stages, unfortunately.

Sera has left Nine Muses. Honestly I won’t miss her, since she was in the second half of my personal bias list, but she’s the most popular member from what I can tell. Nine Muses has officially become a sinking ship, and I can’t blame the members for leaving. They had four great comebacks last year, none of which cracked the top 10. It’s a shame since overall Nine Muses is one of the strongest groups in K-Pop, but you can’t blame the members for wanting to leave since it seems like nothing they do works to capture the public eye, aside from getting criticism for copying SNSD – which aside from the “Ticket” concept and 9 members, Nine Muses, does not actually copy SNSD at all. Their music and image is much more mature. As much as I love Hyemi, Hyuna and Erin, at this point I feel as though the best thing would be to disband the group, or rebrand them simply as “Muses” before having a comeback.

Myungji has left Tiny G to “focus on her acting.” When I originally read the headline, I thought they confused Myungji with Dohee, but nope, it’s Myungji. Who has been in nothing relatively popular. What’s even more twisted is she left less than a week before Tiny G’s comeback, “Ice Baby,” which is basically a slowed down version of “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice. Personally, I think the company kicked her out for being too tall.

f(x) has been releasing their comeback teasers, and their song will be called “Red Light” – which even Stupid K-Pop Fans have managed to link to the prostitution term. What’s even better, is that the song has already been banned from KBS due to lyrical content. Welp. Good job SM, you haven’t gotten your songs banned since 2008 with “Mirotic”! I’m actually really excited for this comeback, since I hated “Rum Pum Pum Pum,” and from the teaser of “Red Light” it sounds much more like an f(x) song. Plus the concept images have all been gorgeous. I really am digging the 1980s influence I’m hearing in these songs, and hope I won’t be as disappointed as I was with Pink Tape.

Former Fiestar member Cheska – one of the three I can identify and put a name to the face – is in a relationship with a GEEKS member, and they’ve been dating since Fiestarrrrrr debuted. Welp. In other Feistarrrrr news, the girls had a comeback that I haven’t been able to listen to yet since I’ve been on a plane and sleeping for the last 36 hours. I’ll be likely making a full post about the comeback if I like it enough. I’m interested to see how they pulled off a sexy image, while ripping off T-Ara’s “Number 9” concept, since we all know Fiestarrrrrr are truly the female B1A4 with their hipster-like concept photos.

Speaking of my B1A4 babies, the track list of their upcoming mini album has been released. There are 6 songs, 5 of which are written by my beloved Jinyoung, and the other was penned by CNU, so this is likely to be another flaw free album. It’s coming out July 14, the week of my birthday, so I do get my B1A4 birthday comeback after all, which is the only thing important in my entire life right now. The title song is called “Solo Day,” which indicates that Jinyoung is the man who most knows my heart, needs, and interests – so I’m even more highly anticipating this comeback. Jinyoung’s concept photo was also released where he is being a ‘couch potato’ – so this may just be my favorite B1A4 concept yet, and I can’t wait to see the other 4 photos. I’m delaying getting a job so I can stay up and watch their performance stages. Oops?

And Queen My Life, My Heart, and The Universe, Hyuna, will be having a comeback this month as well, likely around the same time as B1A4. If I ever had the will to live, it’s now.

Finally, Stupid Grampas aka Super Junior, will be having their long awaited comeback this fall once Leeteuk is released from the army. Donghae has been posting hints about it on his social media, but obviously MostUselessMember(tm) Siwon had to make an announcement before anyone believed it was true. Unless Donghae was announcing that his mental age has grew to ‘7’  from ‘4’ – what else would ‘7’ stand for in the context of a Super Junior member?

Basically everything important happened when I wasn’t around. I pray to every high power I won’t have to live without consistent Internet ever again as long as I live.


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