4 Member Girl Groups Take Over Summer 2014

As many of you know, I’m not a huge fan of Girl’s Day or Sistar, but it’s undeniable how both “Darling” and “Touch My Body” are basically the two biggest songs of the summer. While there’s nothing remotely original about “Darling” – particularly the “Shy Boy”-sound to the song, I can’t say I disliked it – mostly because of the “Shy Boy” similarities. “Touch My Body” is one of the most original singles Sistar has released, and I actually enjoy it. The dance is cute, and I’m not sure why they’re getting so much criticism for an ‘awkward dance’ – since it looks fun, and isn’t even that hard to do.

Anyways, I’m mostly here to write about the other 4 member girl groups of Summer: BESTie, Red Velvet, Secret, and KARA. 

BESTie are one of my favorite rookie groups. I meant to give them their own post regarding their “Hot Baby” comeback, and first mini-album, but the problem is, I just feel so…underwhelmed by this comeback, so I don’t have enough to say to fill a 500+ word post. I don’t think it’s fantastic, nor do I think it’s horrible. Of course BESTie has no way of competing with Girl’s Day or Sistar, or even Hyuna – even with a song as strong as “Love Options,” but their company needed to step up their game considering these other artists ARE their competition and are promoting good, thought-provoking, and in Hyuna’s case controversial songs. The “Hot Baby” video is both extremely different from the other 3 artists, and extremely boring.

I loved the camping concept, and honestly the girls have never looked better. I’m glad the stylists finally let Hyeyeon’s hair not look grotesque, and Yuji looks absolutely stunning – as do Haeryung and Dahye, but they always look amazing. However, the video has no dance cuts – which isn’t inherently a bad thing, and in a way, it’s a good thing, and slightly unique to K-Pop. But I’m the type of fan who likes to watch her favorite artists dance. Luckily, a dance practice video has been uploaded. The big problem I have with the video is how cheap the videography looks. There’s nothing wrong with showing the girls acting cute at a campsite, but since that’s ALL that is happening in the video, it’s obvious how low-budget it was.

Some of the concept photos almost looked like “Thank U Very Much” reject photos, and the set wasn’t even used in the video. Considering how much comparison they already get to Sistar – especially since they have a similar member structure (amazing main vocalist, really really good lead vocalist, gorgeous rapper who seems to have a LOT of I-Fans, pretty maknae who gets a lot of photoshoots) and have used the same producers, BESTie really needed to step up their game, as they’re promoting at the same time. This video, and song, did not do that. “Hot Baby” isn’t a horrible song, but after “Love Options” and “Thank U Very Much” – it was average for me. The girls got to show off their vocals more, but the song is a try hard “summer hit song,” I mean the phrase ‘summer it’s party time’ is what transitions the song into it’s chorus. While there are obviously other songs that are meant to be ‘summer songs’ the obvious thirst for a summer hit by BESTie’s company is almost sad.

Not to mention the rest of the mini is really bland. “Roller Girl” is probably my favorite track (not counting “Love Options” obviously, which is still the Best BESTie Song), and probably should have been the single. I also relatively liked the “PitaPat” remix, but I really think the song would have benefited from a re-recording of the vocals since the auto-tune doesn’t fit the remix, and the girls don’t really need auto-tune anyways.

SM Entertainment’s rushed debut of Red Velvet occurred today, providing even more girl group competition.

I have nothing against the girls in the group, but considering how rushed their debut was, I really feel like the song should have been significantly better. “Happiness” is a messy 2013-like track, and the chorus doesn’t fit with the rest of the song. With the Caribbean-vibe of the chorus, you can sense the SM thirst for a summer hit too. Unfortunately, Wendy doesn’t get a chance to show off her amazing vocals in this track at all; I was very impressed with what I heard when I looked her up, but her ‘solo’ part is almost auto-tuned to fit the rest of the song. The video is very unique in terms of SM Ent, and the concept is almost like a less-aegyo filled Orange Caramel. I’m not sure if there’ll be a mini album release, but at this point, I am not a fan of this group. I will give their next song a chance as long as it’s not as messy as “Happiness.” I also think the dance is a bit bland, and if it weren’t for the cheap visuals of the video, including the tacky CGI bear, I would have been extremely bored watching this video.

Finally, Secret and KARA are both making their anticipated comebacks in August too. Secret will be coming back on August 11, with “I’m in Love,” a track from Duble Sidekick, who was behind Hyosung’s flawless “Goodnight Kiss,” so I had high hopes. However the concept photos have been very bland, and are extremely similar to KARA’s concept. KARA will be debuting with their new member, Youngji, chosen from the KARA Project show. TS Entertainment have been promoting Secret all over Korea with billboards and such, but I’m really hoping the song will be more like a “Talk That” than a “Starlight Moonlight.” As for KARA, who are releasing their mini-album on August 18, I’m honestly not a huge fan, but I relatively liked Nicole, so I’m interested to see how the three girls fare with their new member. Considering these two comebacks are quite close to each other, it will be interesting to see how sales and music show wins go – particularly since YG is debuting their overrated boy group in the next week or so too.

Overall, Summer 2014 is looking to be the battle of the 4member girl groups, and since I stan for two of them, I can’t complain. I gotta admit, based on the teaser, I’m more excited for Ladies’ Code’s comeback than anything else.


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