Ladies’ Code are Flawlessly Funky

Of the girl group comebacks this summer, I was basically most looking forward to BESTie’s as they’ve caught my eye since “Love Options” and I think the members are pretty endearing, but then was the most underwhelming, boring, concept and song released this summer – though somehow it managed to get to number 53 on Gaon, and the mini-album debuted at number 7 – not too bad. Then I heard SECRET were making a comeback, and coming off of Hyosung’s divine “Good Night Kiss,” I had high hopes, but the initial teaser of the song sounded unoriginal and ballad-like to say the least. The teaser that was released today sounds significantly better, and while I am looking forward to the comeback, I have just been blown so far away by Ladies’ Code, I don’t even know if I can bring myself to care about any girl group again – not counting HyunA or 4Minute of course. Especially now that HyunA is slaying everyone on the Gaon charts.

I did already say that I was looking forward to Ladies’ Code’s comeback more than the other girl groups that have been in discussions to comeback in the next few weeks. From the first teaser showing Zuny being blown away, literally, I knew that the track would totally be for me, and would be totally Ladies’ Code. 

Before we get into the flawlessness that is both the video and song, I have to say, I love how Ladies’ Code have their own style and have stuck to it. While I suppose I can see where people say they have a Wonder Girls influence in the sense that both of them had strong retro-inspired concepts that they’ve stuck to, Ladies’ Code’s songs have their own flavor. When you hear them, you know it’s a Ladies’ Code song. Even “So Wonderful” – which I adored so much despite people again, saying it’s a Wonder Girls rip-off, you can tell it is in fact a Ladies’ Code song from the backbeat and itty bitty tings in the song that are so unique to the production value of Ladies’ Code.

Firstly, I am not a fan of the tacky logo Polaris decided to put at the beginning of the video. Ever since Woolim started doing this to Infinite, it’s caught on and it’s annoying. I don’t care about the company – I get you need brand exposure, but not at the expense of being obnoxious at the beginning of a music video. Please just put a brand logo on the corner of the video like SM Ent does, and go on with it. Surprisingly, yes, I do find that less annoying.

The video itself reminds me a lot of “Pretty Pretty,” especially the colorful vibes, the cartoon-like movement of the video while the girls dance, the almost animated-sets, the individual quirky concepts in their solo shots, and even the dancing itself. Yet, unlike most groups that stick to being the same constantly, I really love how it works for this group. I didn’t feel like I was just watching another re-hash of the same video, or that the studio was lazy. I think it’s a clever unique concept, and in reality, I like that Ladies’ Code has such a defined concept. They can add or remove quirkiness to it, or different props, but they have their own style. They aren’t reinventing themselves constantly or playing dress-up like other girl groups do, and I really admire that about them. The group is only about a year and a half old at this point, but they’re really one of the most defined groups in all of K-Pop. I very genuinely hope that their company keeps them going like this and never goes for the trendy or gimmicky concepts we see from so many other groups these days.

As for the song, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. And yes, that required all caps, bold and italics. It’s the first song this summer by a girl group that’s blown me away at first listen (the only other songs being “Good Luck,” “Back,” and “Her”), and the only other female song this year to do that besides “Goodnight Kiss” and “Whatcha Doing Today.” Basically, I would rank “Kiss Kiss” among the best songs of the year.

It’s an earworm, but isn’t obnoxious about it. While the concept about not wanting to kiss is a bit childish, the fun video and silly lyrics, such as the man having ‘bad breath’ make it fun and more appropriate for a 22 year old girl to listen to – and even sing; since putting it out there, the Ladies’ Code girls are all adults. The chorus is a bit simple, which is probably my only complaint about the song.

Surprisingly, main vocal Sojung doesn’t have many lines in the song aside from the chorus. In actuality, like “So Wonderful” it seems like Eunbi actually sings the most. I can’t complain, since she’s my bias, and I like the girlish charm her voice has to it. Besides, Sojung’s soulful voice doesn’t suit “Kiss Kiss” very well – it is much more suited to their earlier songs like “Bad Girl” and “Hate You.”

The outfits in this video were even extremely cute. I loved the similar two piece flowered outfits the girls had on during the dance cuts, and wish I could find one for myself!

I know I’ve said before that Fiestarrrrr are like a female B1A4, but in reality, I think the closest female equivalent B1A4 has is actually Ladies’ Code. Both groups are known for their bright, quirky concepts that they pull off so well, but also have dabbled into darker/sullen concepts every now and then. Not to mention, both groups are actually full of talent and don’t seem to have a replaceable member. So yes, while it’s not completely fair to dub Ladies’ Code a female VERSION of a male group, I think that they’re very stylistically similar to B1A4, maybe not in terms of music, but the group concept and quirkiness they bring to the table. It’s a no wonder why I’m starting to fall in love with Ladies’ Code.

Ladies’ Code had another great comeback, and are definitely establishing themselves to be a potential future top girl group in South Korea. They have enough originality, they have great vocals, pretty members, interesting dances, cheeky songs, and most importantly competent vocalists. I see no reason why Ladies’ Code fantastic retro flair can’t someday ascend to be considered one of the top groups in the industry.

Basically I can’t even rate this because it’s just so good. I’ve already downloaded the track on iTunes, and I can’t wait to listen to it over and over again.



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