Flawless B1A4 Continue to Be Ripped Off

As we all know, B1A4 are the true trendsetters in K-Pop. I’ve discussed this on this blog so many times, I can’t even be bothered to link to the articles. Anyways, their most viewed YouTube video is “Baby Goodnight,” a video filled with a Wild Wild West theme where they dress up like Cowboys and dance like dweebs in a Saloon. The whole look was pretty iconic, and is one of their most memorable concepts and songs.


Anyways, after over a two year hiatus from the music scene, Super Junior AKA Stupid Junior AKA Super Grampas are finally making a Korean comeback now that Flawless Leader Leeteuk has finished his military service. I am a fan of Super Grampas obviously, since I’ve spent probably over $500 on their music, merchandise, and individual members musical tickets, but they’ve finally gone too far.

Instead of ripping themselves off, which they’ve been doing since 2010, they decided to rip off B1A4 instead with their new comeback concept teaser pic.


They look ready to dance in the moonlight.

Don’t get me wrong, Kyuhyun looks hot and that’s all that’s even important when it comes to Super Junior anymore, but the blatant concept jacking is too much. I am extremely happy to have a Super Junior album without line hog Yesung who isn’t even taking his own military service seriously enough to stay off of his social networking sites, but considering SM Ent teased earlier this year with the fact that ‘SuJu will bring something brand new to the K-Pop scene’, this is both underwhelming and telling.

Back in January of this year when B1Slay4 where beating TVXQ on music programs, SoMeone came up with a rumor about B1A4’s company buying back albums to increase sales. If SM knew that they’d be using this concept from way back when, it’s a no wonder that they tried to spread negative rumors about B1A4, the third most successful non-Big 3 boy group after Infinite and Beast (not including JYJ since they were SM property at one point and had that behind them since day 1 of their career).

I did hear rumors back when SM C&C bought out Woolim that they were considering buying WM Ent, and if they do I’m going to buy a plane ticket to Korea and will be picketing outside of SM for three months until my tourist visa runs out. After all the things they’ve now done to B1A4, those adorable, talented, and trendsetting boys don’t deserve to ever have to be dragged into the black hole that is SM Ent, especially considering all of the drama that company has produced this past year.

Super Junior’s new song (or album, it’s pretty vague) is called “Mamacita” so I’m waiting for fans to complain about cultural appropriation and and to then proceed to say the concept is ‘totally unique’ when they obviously know nothing.

Anyways this has already ruined the hype for Suju’s new song for me since I’m being a pressed Bana, as B1A4 have gotten ripped off more than any other K-Pop group in this last year and it’s rare for people to actually realize how talented they are so they get a raw deal. Other people’s faves rip them off and think it’s being unique when uh, B1A4 did it.

Let’s Party Party Party Mamacita. Oh wait that’s Kara’s new song….another coincidence?


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