Maybe Mamacita is actually as good as Sorry Sorry

So while I’ve still been making jokes about “Mamacita” ripping off B1A4’s “Baby Goodnight,” T-Ara’s “Yayaya,” and even Kara’s “Mamma Mia” – and Stupid K-Pop Fans still don’t understand satire, Spend Money Entertainment has released the highlight medley teaser today.

The members, particularly Ryeowook on his DJ gigs, and Eunhyuk on his social media, have hyped up this album a lot. One member (I forget who, I’m thinking Leeteuk at his discharge fanmeeting) even mentioned this being a ‘groundbreaking’ album, and on par with Sorry Sorry. Sorry Sorry is one of the best albums in K-Pop period. Every song is great, it flows well, and covers a multitude of genres. It’s definitely Super Junior’s best album, and none since have been as cohesive, or even had as many GOOD songs on it. Bonamana was decent at best, but was filled with too many ballads for my taste. Not to mention, the album came out at a very disjointed time in Super Junior history. Of course Mr. Simple only sold more copies than Sorry Sorry because of those crazy fans who actually bought every individual cover (of which there were 10, plus the Superman re-release), since the album as a whole was miserable. Sexy Free & Single was definitely a step in the right direction, and after hearing the highlight medley teaser I think Super Junior may actually have another strong album on their hands.

Firstly, I cannot stress how happy I am that there is only one slow, ballad song based upon the teasers. I hate ballads, and never listen to them. I consider them album filler.  Secondly, I’m not a fan of Yesung at all (I type as I wear WhyStyle Glasses) – he was in the middle of my bias list at first, but after observing his behavior during his military service, it has disturbed me and turned me off to him. He gets too many lines anyways (yeah, yeah he’s ‘Main Vocal’ but there’s 8-10 members in the group at all time), and Kangin’s voice needs to shine more. It produces a similar tone to Yesung’s while not having the raspiness Yesung’s voice emits. Thirdly, almost every song sounds like it’s in the upbeat R&B genre that Super Junior pulls off better than any other boy band, as demonstrated on Sorry Sorry five years ago. I am hearing some genre experimentation, particularly with some retro throwbacks that are so popular in music right now, but those songs even sound great.

So maybe, five years later, Super Junior is finally releasing an album as good as Sorry Sorry, that it’s been hyped up to be since the comeback was announced. While I still don’t think this is groundbreaking or ‘brand new’ like SM Ent flaunted at the beginning of the year, this album suits Super Junior well and that’s what matters.

What I do like about Super Junior is that the group knows it’s strength and plays to it, unfortunately that only happens a hand-full of times. While not all of them can sing like Kyuhyun or dance like Eunhyuk, there is potential for almost every member is utilized in their best capacity, and when that actually happens, Super Junior proves that they deserve to be a top group. You get Sorry Sorry era quality, “It’s You” level greatness, and unique concepts. While I still do not feel as though “Mamacita” as a concept is unique, the song doesn’t sound half bad. It’s a bit slower-paced than I’d hope for from a Super Junior single, but at least it has potential to be on par with “Don’t Don” or “Sexy Free & Single” depending upon how the full song turns out.

The reason I like Super Junior is because, even though fans complain about their songs all “sounding the same” I actually enjoy that they have a defined genre that they stick to. The title track was written by Yoo Young Jin who was behind “Sorry Sorry” and “Bonamana”  so I’m hoping this song is at least not embarrassing, since those are Super Junior’s best two title tracks. *Note I am not counting repackage tracks, because those are very very hit-or-miss.

Donghae even got to showcase his writing skills on one of the tracks on this album. I’m not sure exactly which one it is based upon the highlight medley, but it’s nice to see members of SM groups get writing credits on albums, and would like to see that more. It’s a way for the members to evolve, and the group to make the jump from boy band (or girl group) to artist.

I’m really excited now to buy my copy of Mamacita and review it. Though I’m sure when T-Ara releases their new album two weeks later, I’ll be even more blown away since T-Ara has the best discography in K-Pop aside from B1A4.


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