I don’t even know what to think. Today was my first day at my first full time job. My day went amazingly, but as soon as I got home, the first thing I saw on Facebook was a post in a K-Pop group about EunB of Ladies’ Code passing away. I immediately thought it was a hoax. I scroll down my Newsfeed and see it wasn’t at all.

Go EunBi of Ladies’ Code as passed away as a result of a car accident. Rise remains in critical condition, and Sojung has slightly stabilized at the time of this post.

I’m so upset. I’m not the biggest Ladies’ Code fan – I like them a lot, and have been following them since a bit after they released “Pretty Pretty.” I’ve bought all of their songs from this year on iTunes, and have posted about them on here a couple of times. They caught my eye last year, and had the potential to be one of my favorite groups, as well as a top group in the future.

EunB was my bias. She had a charm about her that none of the other members did. I loved her voice. She was gorgeous. I loved how she had energy, and in recent comebacks she seemed to be featured more. Her voice may not have been as strong as Sojung’s or Ashley’s, but she was special.

Her smile was a ray of sunshine.

I’m wishing with every ounce of my body that Polaris Entertainment will cancel all of their activities, and not make Zuny and Ashley – who were also in the vehicle, but only sustained minor injuries (as per the above link) – promote alone. I’m internally crying while thinking about the future of the group, so I won’t even write any of my thoughts about that. All I want now is for the four girls to make a recovery and be well physically and mentally.

I have personally never been this affected by a celebrity death prior to this. I suppose now I understand why people do get upset over celebrity deaths. But EunB was young. This was a tragic accident. Her family and loved ones are in my thoughts, as are Rise, Sojung and the rest of the members during this unfortunate time.

Please keep them in your thoughts (and prayers). Nobody deserves to die this way, especially a lovely young girl with a promising future.


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