T-ara’s Top 10 Offensive Videos

First of all, I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in over a week. Between being pretty upset over Eunbi and Rise still…being super busy with work…and taking classes too…I’ve been really unmotivated to post. Though I’ve since decided community college classes I’m taking for the Hell of it since I already have a degree from a 4 year school are not half as important as this gem of a blog. Not to mention, T-ara had their comeback with “Sugar Free” – and you all need to hear my thoughts about it. Since I still haven’t bought the CD, and I want to do a review…I’m going to do things a bit different this time.

I’ve realized in the last two weeks that T-ara is actually my favorite girl group, making the My Top 10 Girl Groups post obscure. I’ve also decided that the Best to Worst T-ara Member List is as follows:

  1. Soyeon
  2. Eunjung
  3. Qri
  4. Hyomin
  5. Jiyeon
  6. Boram
  7. Areum
  8. Hwayoung. She is miserable and deserved to get bullied.

So now that I finally have sorted out my bias list, we can proceed.

Since it’s apparently a thing now to actually be offended by every little thing possible, I’m going to countdown T-ara’s Top 10 Most Offensive videos – including Japanese videos, and videos released by subunits, and members solo work. Honestly I find every music video they have that is more than 6 minutes long to be offensive, since I didn’t come for non-music, but looking only at the content of music videos, here’s the list:

Honorable Mention: I Go Crazy Because of You

If this isn’t a Britney Spears wannabe video, I don’t know what is.

10. Number 9

This one is literally only here because Qri bites a flower, and there’s some ~illuminati~ like signs. Also Soyeon’s large crosses. It’s offensive to those of us who aren’t religious OBVIOUSLY. It was also pretty hard to gif, which makes it pretty offensive to us tumblr gif’ers. The fashion is flawless, and Soyeon’s plastic surgery looks A+ here, which is why It’s down here at number 10.

9. Countryside Life

Remember before netizens had a hissy fit, there was a Rising Sun reference in the video? Welp. Pretty damn offensive, because it’s obviously those darn bullies T-ara who planned the imagery in the video! Eunjung also gets about 0 lines in the song. The dance version is simply insulting in itself, considering the A-Ha “Take On Me”-esque part of the video where they’re pulled into a world with Taewoon (Zico’s hot brother from the flop group Speed), and sing about haters. The song is actually perfect.

8. Nice Body

Obviously this video is condoning plastic surgery, extreme dieting, and even the point of gaining an eating disorder just to be thin. BAD HYOMIN, BAD!!! You just can’t tell people that they should be healthy!! THAT’S BODY SHAMING!!! Granted most idols are definitely underweight which is just as bad as being overweight, maybe worse, but NO U CAN’T FAT SHAME PEOPLE HYOMIN UR GONNA GET BANNED FROM THE INTERNET!!!!

Plus her blonde weave is offensive on levels I can’t even begin to get into.

7. 왜 이러니/Bo Peep Bo Peep

I can’t choose.

왜 이러니” is here because as the wannabe Super Junior fan that I am, I’m OBVIOUSLY extremely offended that this video is basically a direct rip off of the “Super Girl” video! How RUDE! Basically just take one of the T-ara members, put her in Han Geng’s shoes and it’s the same video! Wow!! So uncreative!!!!

As for “Bo Peep Bo Peep“, it’s here because as a YouTube comment said (and we all know YouTube comments are the most important and accurate comments in the world!), it’s like the Korean version of “Wrecking Ball” because of the sex scenes and how they keep saying ‘fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me oh!’ in the song. “Bo Peep” is obviously just a cover up for the XXX rated lyrics. If I were a Creepy Teenaged Virgin (which I’m guessing most Stupid K-Pop Fans are), I would obviously be more offended, but I’m not. So that’s why it’s here at number 7.

6. YaYaYa


This video must be banned from the United States IMMEDIATELY before some butthurt politically correct individual finds it and yells at them for offensive hand-movements and calls for their disbandment. I’d rather just ship them off to Foxwoods for a live performance of this song to happen every hour on the hour while they tour the Pequot Museum in their free time to learn about their wrongdoings.

5. Bunny Style

I don’t know if the tacky song title, the childish bunny costumes, the fact that grown ass women are chasing after a man in a bunny costume, or LAYING ON LEGOS is actually the most offensive thing about this video. I’m going with the latter, since while I cringe at the first three problems, I get physical pain from watching them lay on legos. Have you ever stepped on one? It ain’t fun!

4. Lovey Dovey (Zombie Ver)

It makes light of being attacked in a club. Not cool, T-ara! You know how many drugged up and drunk people get attacked each year? Wow T-ara you guys really are bullies!!!!!

3. Roly Poly

After showing my mother this video she also found herself pretty offended. Why? She was a young adult during the 1970s and basically told me that this is poorly executed American cultural appropriation. But it’s ok because America has no culture! LOL!!!!

If you’re gonna appropriate my culture, at least do it correctly!

My mother said even the losers that did go to disco clubs (because obviously “Disco Sucks”, says the lady who birthed me) did not dance in unison, so obviously the choreographers did not do their research. Also John Travolta did not age well….T-ara made a pretty big blunder saying they’re John Travolta Wannabes and all.

Hwayoung’s crap dancing is also the most offensive thing in any T-ara video ever, but I digress.

2. Sexy Love (Dance Ver) 

T-ara dress up as clowns. Uh, bye. Also they do the Robot. T-ara you’re so much better than this.

And as with the controversy that went with Orange Caramel’s “Catallena” earlier this year, the girls acting as dolls and being inside of plastic boxes is making light of human life and isn’t even something to joke about! They could have died!!!!! But then again with T-ara the world would have been rid of the Biggest Bullies Ever, am I right?

1. Sugar Free (All Versions)

Yes, their newest video is easily their most offensive. I felt like I was going to go into epileptic shock, and I don’t even suffer from epilepsy. When I thought Block B’s “HER” video was bright? Well, I hadn’t seen “Sugar Free” yet. I gained a headache instantly upon watching.

Not to mention Qri gets about 0 lines in total. Qri is the 3rd best member, and her iconic opening lines are one of the most important elements of T-ara’s signature sound. It’s a no wonder the song only debuted at 37 on Gaon, making “Sugar Free” T-ara’s lowest charting lead single EVER, and is even lower than Super Junior’s “Flopacita”. But this post isn’t about Super Grampas, though I’ve managed to mention them twice?

It’s offensive that Shinsadong Tiger was too lazy to remove LE’s vocals from the song. It’s offensive how many lines Boram actually gets. It’s offensive how the girls are styled to look like hobos. It’s offensive that Hyomin only got a nice weave for half of the video. It’s offensive that Dispatch, Genie, and CCM have felt the need to upload this video – meaning there are 3 “Official” versions floating around YouTube. This is hurting T-Ara on music shows, since YouTube views count, and the video would probably have close to, if not over, 3 million hits by now if only one of the official video was uploaded. I get that CCM has a fetish for uploading at least five versions of each T-ara video, but allowing two other companies to upload the same video and taking views away from your only relatively successful artist now that Davichi jumped ship is just plain stupid.

The song itself is actually pretty good. I’ve read a lot of comments saying how the song isn’t T-ara’s style, but if you really listen to it, it has a lot of musical similarities with “Number 9” – and while the song isn’t actually as good, it still has the T-ara flair, except it’s drifted further away from the “Lovey Dovey”/”Roly Poly” era sounds, and is starting to come back towards the Absolute First Album realm. I was really hoping for another “Lovey Dovey”-like song, but at this point, I doubt T-ara will return to those sounds again, especially now that everyone and their mother have been doing throwback songs. T-ara originated the trend in K-Pop, so now they need to move on and find a new trend. While I hope it’s not going to be focused around disgustingly bright music videos full of voices other than T-ara members, they could be on to something with this new sound. I always prefer their work with Shinsadong Tiger to other producers they work with, since he seems to really *get* the style T-ara goes for, and sounds best performing.

So while the video is offensive, and actually was painful for me to watch, I do enjoy the song very much overall, and the “Big Room” version is at bit more put together than the ‘normal’ version.

The moral of this story is that T-ara always delivers, even if they manage to offend 90% of the population while doing so.




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