Maybe APink Doesn’t Totally Suck

Hello friends.

I never thought I would admit I was wrong about anything, because 10/10 times I am right, but in light of everything that has happened this past year, I have found myself wrong about one thing. APink is actually adorable, and their music is pretty darn good.

Yes I still totally think that the group has the most boring concept and that a majority of their songs sound the same (though that same sound is pretty good!) and that Bomi has a weird face. But I also am starting to enjoy the cuteness and sunshine that APink emit in their songs. SNSD really does not have enough cutesy songs- they basically only have “Kissing You” “Gee” and I guess “Oh” for title tracks (and nobody has time to listen to SM Entertainment’s full albums), so while I do think APink have established their career based upon filling the cute niche SNSD has left and officially stomped into the ground with their Ariana Grande-wannabe subunit, it wasn’t exactly a hard void to fill. Especially now that 1 of SNSDs hottest members has gotten the boot, APink are officially next in line to be the Prettiest Girl Group.

While I do find APink’s concepts to be totally unoriginal, the cute 90s girl group vibes of their songs actually do bring something unique to K-Pop that is dominated by synths, dubstep, little boys who think they can rap, and rehashes of the same songs via Brave Sound. Not to say the dance break in “My My” isn’t totally cringeworthy though. There’s nothing wrong with a group having their own sound that works for them – look at classic rock groups like U2, Creedence Clearwater Revival (who even got sued for plagiarizing themselves) and even the grampas of Super Junior who release a new version of “Sorry Sorry” every year!

My bias is definitely Chorong, AKA the cutest cutie that ever cutied, and who has the most adorable voice to hit K-Pop since Jessica, which means she’s even more of a national treasure now.

Hayoung is the prettiest girl in K-Pop besides Kim Hyuna and Moon Hyuna. Now that she’s legal I fully expect her to release a solo song as her official debut into adulthood and hotness.

Namjoo and Eunji are pretty decent singers, and Naeun isn’t a useless visual. The only member I don’t care for is Bomi because she has a weird face and brings nothing special to the group for me- like I literally forget she’s there because she just doesn’t stand out. Can we get ACube to boot her out next so I can officially become an official B1APink shipper like the rest of the Bana fandom? Obviously we would be shipping Chorong with Jinyoung (even though she’s way too cute for him), Naeun with Baro, Eunji with Sandeul (super obviously), Hayoung with CNU and Namjoo with Gongchan. Obviously. Except I still don’t know about that since I need to marry a B1A4 member myself, in case you weren’t aware.

Yes this post likely sounds extremely sarcastic and some of it definitely is, but please forgive me, because I’m being 100% truthful in that I have grown to appreciate APink for what they are and even enjoy them. They are the one girl group that hasn’t had their Coming of Age Ceremony yet – even HelloVenus is going to be coming back sexier than ever in November. And that’s pretty cool considering APink have been around for 3 years+ and survived the 2014 Sexy Wave that turned Fiestarrrrrrr from unknowing virgins into thirsty threesome-seekers.

If I could change one thing about APink, it’s that they would move to a more mature cute/innocent image. I still cry each day I hear T-Ara’s “I Don’t Want You”/”Too Good to Let Go”/”남주긴 아까워” and think of how perfect an APink song it would have been. Eunji and Namjoo slaying the chorus. Chorong taking over Qri’s adorable English parts. Hayoung singing Jiyeon’s bridge. Like…why didn’t this happen? ACube you dun goof’d.

It’s a shame ACube didn’t plan for them to release something as of now, since SNSD are official flops, and as we’re still mourning the lost of SNS9, we could all use the ray of sunshine that is APink’s music in our lives right now.

슬퍼하지마 No No No 혼자가 아냐 No No No.

Well said APink, well said.


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