#justiceforKyuhyun, SMEnt Continues to be Miserable

EDIT: #justiceforKyuhyun HAS BEEN ACHIEVED, SM Ent still sucks tho.

No, this is not about another EXO Member jumping ship, because honestly I am praying to all of the lords that the remaining two Chinese members sue SM, go to China, form a group with Kris and the other one, and then become the biggest flops on the planet.

I’m talking about their complete and utter lack of regard for Super Junior. As you may know, Super Junior was my favorite K-Pop group until the blessed day (May 11, 2013) that B1A4 came into my life and slayed me so hard that I went out the next possible day and bought all of their albums (and was even late to my class because I missed my trains). Anyways, despite that I only honestly care about Kyuhyun and maybe two or three others, I still kinda like Super Junior. Their singles are hella catchy and when they do albums right, they come out pretty darn great. Yet, Slave Master Entertainment can’t seem to understand how to do anything right with them anymore.

And it makes me salty as Hell.

So Super Junior releases a repackage of Mamacita, which was actually a really great album. The single was the worst song on the CD, and that hasn’t happened to Super Junior ever before. So whoever decided that “Flopacita” was the lead single should be fired. A little shy of two months later, Super Junior dropped This is Love, the expected repackage with a ‘remix’ of “This is Love” and three new songs including one by KRY, the boring ballad subgroup that shouldn’t even have new songs since Human Trash Yesung is supposedly in the military (but he’s actually just taking an extended vacation to play on his social networking sites).

Those are two problems right there.

The third problem: SM is back to their “release multiple versions of the same album” bullshit. Each member got to design his own album, and while obviously I will be buying the Kyuhyun version – because there is no such thing as too much Kyuhyun, especially without the other members I don’t care about – this trick was so 2011. B1A4 did it this year and got accused of sajaegi, so I think if Super Junior sells more than 50,000 copies of this I’ll make a few netizen profiles to start the war against them. (Mostly kidding, mostly).

However, this is slightly made up in the fact that “This is Love” is actually a wonderful song. I like it significantly more than “Flopacita” and it actually suits Super Junior’s style, Kyuhyun has multiple lines, and the video is actually really great. I heard Shindong directed and choreographed it, so that’s cool. I love the dance (even though I’m getting slightly sick of the 360* dances that haven’t gone away since EXO started that trend last year), and I am so happy to see a male group finally hop on the Wonder-Girls-Sexing-Up-a-Microphone bandwagon. It’s about time. (Shinee’s “Dream Girl” doesn’t count, because Shinee is irrelevant to me).

Video and Song = 100000/10
Kyuhyun = 100000/10
Dance = 10000/10

And THEN two or so days ago, SM announced there was going to be a new male soloist. I’d heard rumors that my beloved Kyuhyun would finally be releasing a well-deserved solo album this November, so I was super stoked that it was probably him. Kyuhyun has the best voice in Super Junior (I’ve linked to the vocal analysis blog many times before and I’m lazy so either look yourself or take my word for it), and even though I loathe ballads, I need more Kyuhyun solos in my life. I was skeptical though, since the teaser photo was of a shirtless male and we all know Kyuhyun is a Never Nude.

So some of the crazy K-Netizens deducted that it was either Kyuhyun (great!), Changmin (ok…), or Zhou Mi (….). And it turned out to be…..Zhou Mi!

Am I upset? Yes. Here’s why:

  1. Kyuhyun in general
  2. Kyuhyun has been in SuJu since 2007 and needs a solo album
  3. He doesn’t get enough lines in SuJu albums
  4. Human Trash Yesung is still considered a better singer than Kyuhyun by most Stupid K-Pop Fans
  5. Kyuhyun is actually quite popular in Korea as an MC
  6. But he wants to sing
  7. Let the kid sing
  8. He almost died. Please let him sing.
  9. We need a MV that features Kyuhyun’s A+++ Butt

Not that Zhou Mi doesn’t deserve a solo. He’s been overshadowed and hated by K-Elf since he basically debuted with SJM. However, I don’t think it’s fair that both Henry and Zhou Mi get solos before the members of Super Junior. Plus, Zhou Mi will be promoting in both Korea and China. While I think promoting him in China is very smart and he will do well, promoting him in Korea is really stupid since now is just not the right time to do it. He’s not popular in Korea with the general public as far as I know, most K-Elf still don’t like him, and he’s going to be exhausted if he’s flying back and forth. SM also missed a golden opportunity to have him do a duet with Victoria, and instead shoved Chanyeol and Tao on his solo album instead. Because EXO obviously needs more promotion.

And as sad as it may be, I almost wonder if SM is granting Zhou Mi and Henry solos to avoid more lawsuits. Yes I am ultra biased towards Kyuhyun, but I have nothing AGAINST these members. I just don’t see how SM is thinking they should get solos but talented members of the main group, as well as other groups (*cough* SNSD *cough*), can’t even get sub-units (now that my SooSicSun dream is dead…#SHY2k15), or solos (Kyuhyun…Luna…..).

While I am happy for Zhou Mi that he’s finally able to release his own music, especially as he has been working on composing as well, I do not think he should be promoting in Korea, nor do I think it fair that he gets a solo before Kyuhyun. I didn’t think it was fair Henry (or Taemin…) did either, to put it bluntly. Even if you want to look at it in that maybe a Super Junior main group member shouldn’t have a solo album, the fact that these two subgroup members get solo albums before even KRY is pretty ridiculous. Every other SuJu subgroup has had a solo album except for KRY (granted EunHae’s was in Japanese, but it still counts)! So I’m not sure what game SM Ent is trying to play here.

While I’m happy for Zhou Mi, I obviously will not be buying his album because I just don’t care. I wish him success and for butthurt K-Elf to leave him alone and not harass him. Not to mention YG is really coming for SM’s weave this year, since not even 12 hours after SM’s teaser came out, YG teased their next comeback…so hopefully Zhou Mi will at least do as well as Henry.

However, I will be buying the Kyuhyun Ver This is Love repackage, because everyone needs more Kyuhyun in their life.

SM, please learn how to properly handle Super Junior and Kyuhyun, or I will continue to wish every night that he will leave you once his Slave Master Entertainment contract ends. #justiceforkyuhyun #kyuhyunsolo2k15


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