October Could Have Been Worse

After a super sub-par September, I was hoping for a better October. I know I’ve spent most of October both reliving the beautiful memories of B1A4’s concert and whining about the lack of a Kyuhyun solo album (which we finally got after the massively successful campaign #justice4Kyuhyun). Now that I’ve effectively managed to buy two copies of Kyuhyun’s album, and will be writing up a review in the next few days, I can finally bring myself to care about October’s music again.

All in all, there were some really good releases. I’m going to use Wikipedia’s chart as a guide and go through the month in order from the 1st to the 31st so I don’t forget anybody….

IU’s version of “Sogyeokdong” came out on the first of the October. I didn’t care too much for her album released in the first half of the year, but I very much enjoyed this song. It was written by K-Pop Legend Seo Taiji, and is actually a far cry from most of IU’s discography. I think the song suits her really well, and I actually hope she can venture more into this electronic, yet subdued style as she moves forward.

Despite so many people telling me to check out VIXX, I was always never very impressed. Yeah “Hyde” and “Voodoo Doll” are ok, and their videos are overall interesting, but they just never struck a chord with me. Plus I’m pretty sure one of the members is underaged still (or was when someone told me to check them out), and one of my life goals is to not be Baro, and to only stan people that are legal. Anyways someone on tumblr posted this gem:


or something like it, so I obviously had to watch the video to see what other unfortunate styling was in the video. That being said, I actually really loved both the video for “Error” as well as the song itself. I liked how the video stood out as something a bit different, since not too many groups have done robotic concepts unless you count T-Ara (aka the top trendsetters of K-Pop) and Wonder Girls’ flop video with Akon.

“Error” is a song that sounds like something Infinite would release. It actually has a very similar flow to “Back” (AKA the third best boy group song of Summer 2014 after BEAST’s “Good Luck” and Block B’s “HER”). The song builds in the verses, especially rising with Hongbin’s deep ass voice, and then finally climaxes in the chorus to return to a more mellow beat. While I still don’t think I’m a VIXX fan, this is really a standout song by them, and I listen to it almost daily.

Secret’s Song Jieun released her second album-type…thing. It’s technically her first mini-album, but her last single had like 3 songs so bear with me here. While I didn’t care for the angsty pre-release track “Don’t Look at Me Like That,” I stan for the mini as a whole – particularly the song “La Boum,” which is apparently about sex. Get it, Jieun.

Crayon Pop’s twins had a subunit that was too cute for me, and Girls’ Day released a ballad that wasn’t entirely the worst thing they’ve done.

I’ve been pretty excited to talk about this next group because I do not have time for groups with more than 6 members at this point. I generally don’t care about boy groups who come out with ‘tough’ images who obviously take themselves seriously, but I heard just how good this song was and decided against my actual better judgement to check it out. I was extremely pleasantly surprised.

Topp Dogg is, from what I know, in the same company Block B was before they peaced out. There are too many members and I know they have a strong hip-hop vibe. They’re also coming to the United States in 3 cities not near me, so I kinda was curious what made them so relevant to get a mini-tour here since SM can’t even shell out the bucks to give Super Junior a NYC show. However, I really stan for this song and video. “Annie” was released for Topp Dogg’s first anniversary, and honestly the video gives me a B1A4 vibe with the multiple, colorful boxes. I like how the video plays as a continuous shot as if the boxes are part of an infinite scroll. I also can’t get over how much that one kid with the glasses looks like a less hot CNU.

The song itself is really catchy. It reminds me of late 80s/early 90s American Hip-Hop/R&B, which is much preferred to the trend most hip-hop boy groups follow of trying to be ‘current’ (read: generic). I swear it’s sampling a popular song (maybe two) from back in the day, but I can’t put my finger on which one(s). I like how the dance even reminds me of old school music videos. However, it’s probably a good thing I don’t like any of their other song since most of these kids are jailbait. Though “Annie” is probably in my top 3 songs of October.

I remember vaguely enjoying Boyfriend’s “Witch”, but not enough to write too much. Since I already talked about Super Junior’s single release (as linked above; I’m still waiting for my album in the mail to hear the songs), and I wasn’t overly impressed with BEAST’s release, sadly, I think that pretty much covers October.

Now my conscious is clear, and I can freely move on to reviewing the Album of the Decade광화문에서 by Korea’s New National Sweetheart, Kyuhyun

Kyuhyun's slayage as of 9:36PM EST on November 14, 2014
Kyuhyun’s slayage as of 9:36PM EST on November 14, 2014

Plus there have been, and will continue to be a flood of Girl Group comebacks (and a debut…) this month that I need to comment on.


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