Moon Hyuna Releases Ode to Her Cats

I’ve been saying for months that the thing I most need in life is a collaboration between Kyuhyun of Super Junior and Moon Hyuna of 9Muses. They both have a unique tone to their voice that would blend in quite well together, and are two of the best vocalists in their respective groups.

Well, I got a Kyuhyun solo this month, and despite it not being a duet, Moon Hyuna released a solo today called “집으로 들어가는 길이 좋아”….featuring her cats.

Yes, Goddess Moon Hyuna is a certified Crazy Cat Lady, and I’m loving every minute of it.

I’ve been hoping for a real solo release from Hyuna for a while, and while this isn’t exactly what I was expecting, as a Crazy Cat Lady, I enjoyed it nevertheless. The video features shots that almost look like a ‘home video’ of Hyuna and her cats, Moya and Hoya. Moya is the white fluffy cat, and Hoya is the calico. I do follow Hyuna’s Instagram and Twitter, and you should too if you want to see pictures of her cute little fluffballs.

“집으로 들어가는 길이 좋아” is actually considered an OST to go along with her photobook, 매일 매일 사랑해, showing a ‘day in the life from the prospective of Hoya and Moya,’ and their love for Hyuna. Automatically this is the most adorable thing that has happened in K-Pop since ever.

The song itself sounds almost like an early IU song, with a simple composition and light vocals. I feel like this is something I’d hear in a bright coffee shop in Korea, while sipping on my overly sugary iced drink. The video illustrates very clearly the strong bond Hyuna and her cats have, and how much they truly love each other. Even my cats refuse to sit on my lap unless it’s convenient for them.

It’s also pretty cute to see the two get in the same cat carrier, since I’m pretty sure I’d have one less cat if I forced two of mine to share.

Anyways, Hyuna looks as gorgeous as usual, and while it doesn’t make up for 9Muses doing nothing this year while losing one of their best members (Goodbye Lee Sam…) and two others, it at least is a good reminder of how talented Hyuna is. I like that she’s not using her typical ‘9Muses Idol Voice’ and instead this is almost a cuter, more natural, less sultry voice of hers. There is a really adorable innocence in the track that would be almost impossible to expect from 9Muses who are known for their sexy, powerful concepts.

Considering the mess that Star Empire is, I’m very happy they allowed her to do this little….pet project….(pun totally intended), where she can show off her cats as well as her voice in ways we’ve never seen before.

Now that there’s been solos from both, can somehow, anyhow, we get a Kyuhyun x Moon Hyuna duet? It would likely be powerful enough to cause world peace for at least 10,000 years.



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