4Minute to Comeback with Revamped Double Title Tracks

So even though I’ve decided 4Minute is probably my 3rd favorite girl group, meaning I need to do my rankings all over again, I’m super pumped for their comeback.

EDIT: The first of 4Minute’s title tracks, “Cold Rain”, has been released as of January 26!

On January 20, CUBE uploaded a CGI-infested teaser to 4Minute’s Official Youtube Channel. From what we see, we could guess the concept is ‘Waterworld’ however, I’m aware how wrong I would be if that was my official guess.

While nothing overly interesting happens in the teaser, a purple orb emerges from the ocean and breaks into the 4Minute logo. The teaser then turns to a black screen with “4Minute REVAMPED’ written, and underneath a ‘9’ appears.

Cube then made an official statement regarding 4Minute’s comeback which will be taking place in February. There will be double title tracks, a la “Heart to Heart” and “Mirror Mirror” so this is leading me to believe they will likely be releasing a full album.

Otherwise this really tells us nothing. However, the speculation is already crazy. Some fools have guessed they may be adding 4 new members. I’m very much not here for that. I’d likely jump off the ship into that pit of CGI water if that ended up being what the ‘9’ indicates. Some more intelligent guesses have to do with the the comeback likely to occur on February 9th. I’m also considering the possibility of the SNSD shade in ‘9’ actually being the name of one of the title tracks.

Cube has stated that the girls will be “showing a new side” that we have never seen before, so I’m hoping part of that is not working with Brave Rehash again. I actually don’t mind their Brave collaborations as much as the average fan, but it’s time for something new. Some people hope they’ll be working with Shinsadong Tiger, behind “I My Me Mine,” “Huh,” “Hot Issue,” and the, in my opinion, grossly overrated “Volume Up.” I’ve been very mixed about Shinsadong’s work in 2014, since he did produce Fiestar’s “One More” and Dal Shabet’s “BBB,” however, he also produced APink’s borefest “Luv” and EXID’s, again, grossly overrated “Up and Down.”

Rumor has it 4Minute will be working with the producer of HyunA’s solo “Red” from last year, and if that turns out to be the case, I’m totally here for it. As much as I’d love BEAST’s Junhyung to produce a track for 4Minute, that’s a dream I’m not sure will ever turn into a reality.

Overall, I’m hoping for a return to the “I My Me Mine” sound with the upgraded visuals we saw at this year’s end of year SBS Gayo performance. But with fewer slaughtered Yetis.

I’ll likely be following this comeback closely, so I’ll be posting big updates as they come in.

4Minute’s back in the game.


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