Say “Hi~” to Lovelyz

So I’ve been gone for a month because of some personal circumstances, but it’s time for me to return for the true Fairydols of K-Pop. Lovelyz, AKA Infinite’s “sister group” released their Girls’ Invasion repackage on March 3, featuring the single “Hi~” as well as one other new track. I’ve decided not to listen to the non-title since I want to buy the CD (along with 4Minute’s Crazy which still is not on iTunes…a month later…#mess).

However, “Hi~” is definitely the more mature side of Lovelyz that Baby Soul was hinting at while talking about this comeback. Here they trade candy jellies for dried flowers for an even more visually stunning MV.

Now I wouldn’t say the group is trying to grow up too fast; considering two of the members are still under 18 I really hope not to see a sexy concept from them for at least a couple of years when they’re all of age, but even then, I think Lovelyz is a group full of talented girls that don’t need to result to using overt sexuality to get attention. Plus there’s something about the pure concept that just works for them.

Considering “Hi~” is more of a follow-up than a true comeback, I like how Woollim kept a similar concept to “Candy Jelly Love” (one of my favorite songs from last year), especially with the famous schoolgirl uniforms, but changed up the sound of the song; yet at the same time they kept it the same. The whimsical vibe of the song is not far off from “CJL” but it’s elevated from a schoolgirl crush to K-Pop with a Stevie Nicks-like twist. No way I’d complain about that. Though the song isn’t as catchy as “CJL” on first listen, it’s a grower, and will likely grow quickly on me. I saw someone reference IU in relation to this song, and I definitely get a similar vibe to “Good Day” from “Hi~”.

The only actual ‘complaint’ I have about the song is essentially Jiae’s parts. Not that she has them, but whose idea was it for her to sing so nasally and high pitched? Her solo song, “Delight” had a much more subdued and calm tone to it, and she didn’t sound this, honestly, horrid on any of the songs from Girls’ Invasion, so it’s insane that someone would choose this pitch for “Hi~”, as it stands out from the other girls in a very bad way. It was nice that Mijoo, Yein and Baby Soul finally had a chance to show their vocals on this song, since they were slighted a bit on their debut album. However, as a Jin fan, I wish she would have gotten a few more lines – still, the line distribution of “Hi~” is quite balanced.

Lovelyz has easily become my favorite female rookies of 2014 (sorry Mamamoo) and I’m really excited to see what they’ll do next. I made the grave error of sleeping on Infinite and I’m not looking to do the same with Lovelyz, who seem to be on a similar path of musical supremacy.

iTunes is trash, so buy Lovelyz Repackage on KPopTown.


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