Nation’s Sweetheart Kyuhyun Releases OST

My adoration of Kyuhyun knows no bounds. While I really want to do a review of Fiestar’s comeback, which I will do once I listen to their entire EP, everything takes a back seat to my number one bias Kyuhyun.

I still have At Gwanghwamun on repeat to this day, but there’s nothing better than a new song from your fave to play in addition to his flawless album and collection of previous OSTs.

I found out last week that Kyuhyun was going to be releasing an OST for a drama I don’t watch. Truth be told, I’m a horrible K-Drama watcher in general – even as much as I hate/love Jinyoung, I still can’t be bothered to watch past episode 3 of Gu Hae Ra – but I still get exited about OSTs by my favorite singers and groups. In actuality, some of my favorite K-Pop songs are from OSTs. I’m quite late to the party but “Bye Bye Love” by The Bae AKA Dongwoon and Ray of Sunshine Yoseob of BEAST + two btob members is definitely one of the most beautiful K-Pop songs I’ve ever heard. Kyuhyun actually teased that he was in the studio a while back, and it was known that he was working with the same songwriter of “One Confession” from his solo album, meaning the song was obviously going to be a winner.

The track is called “너의 별에 닿을 때까지” or “Till I Reach Your Star” and was created for the drama Hogu’s Love.

I’m not exactly sure what else to say aside from the fact that Kyuhyun sounds as lovely and soothing as ever. “Till I Reach Your Star” is actually charting decently and is currently number 24 on Instiz iChart (as of 3/10/2015 10:05 PM EST), and is 9 spots ahead of “At Gwanghwamun,” still staying strong 119 days after release. So Ballad Prince Kyuhyun has two songs on iChart in the top 50, neither of which he is actively promoting. When will your faves?

Admittedly “Star” doesn’t have as much of an impact as “At Gwanghwamun” (though I’m talking in terms of song construction and memorability, the link is still applicable) and would have worked best as a B-Side should it have been a proper solo song for Kyuhyun and not an OST, but I’m really digging the lullaby vibe from the song. It seems impossible to not feel relaxed while listening to “Star”.

Of course the same haters, or ‘EXO fans’, are going to say its ‘boring’ or ‘bland’ because it’s a ballad, but they can go listen to the subpar vocals of their faves if that suits their fancy. It only furthers my mission on the Kyuhyun Promotion and Protection Squad.

You can actually purchase “Till I Reach Your Star” on iTunes. I was supposed to help cook dinner but instead I was waiting for my 5 and a half year old computer to work so I could buy this song, please also buy this gorgeous song and make my sacrifice worth it. Or you could help me buy a new computer, but buying the song is definitely cheaper for you.



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