Red Velvet Release Sub-Par Solo Day “Homage”

Alternatively titled: Calling SM Out on Ripping off B1A4 for the Second Time in 12 Months

I haven’t talked about the B1A4 Propaganda Agenda for a little while on the blog. I’ve

Red Velvet – “Ice Cream Cake” Teaser Image

alluded to it while talking about Ailee’s album cover, but I can’t think of any instances since then. Well, I was tryna do my own thing, mind my own business, but then the Most Overrated Rookie Group of All Time (no, not EXO), Red Velvet had a comeback. And it’s time for the B1A4 Propaganda Agenda to return.

“Automatic” was ok. The song would have been better with a more appropriate vocal tone. But it was only a pre-release to the biggest mess of the century, “Ice Cream Cake.”

Now, here’s the deal – I have been underwhelmed with Red Velvet since they released their initial Kidz Bop, “Happiness” back in August of last year. It was clear SM debuted them to cover up for Sulli’s scandal, and their debut was rushed. The song was like something I’d hear on Yo Gabba Gabba. However, I reserved judgement since many groups don’t have great debut songs. Then I gave them a second chance with the remake of “Be Natural” – which was really boring.

My biggest question about Red Velvet is how they manage to have so many fans despite having a subpar two song discography – the answer is obvious – SM Ent. Now they have a mini album, so at least they have something going for them, but many fans were up in arms over the addition of a fifth member. SM already did this with Kyuhyun back when Super Junior 05 was supposed to be a rotational group. Poor Kyuhyun got so much backlash, but luckily he wasn’t pulled out (and if he was, I probably wouldn’t even be interested in K-Pop today). This new Red Velvet girl probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon either, so fans should just deal with the addition. Red Velvet isn’t the first or last group to have a member change. Interestingly, SM may actually be going back to a rotational concept with this group.

So even though I wasn’t sure how to feel about “Automatic” – which was more the style of “Be Natural” than “Happiness,” against my better judgement, I decided to watch the “Ice Cream Cake” video.

Please note, I got about 1:30 into the video before I hit pause, closed the tab, and never looked back.

I’m ashamed for even posting these video links and possibly contributing to their MV views, hence why I’m only posting the teaser of their actual title track. However, I amusedly write that the first result for ‘red velvet ice cream cake’ on YouTube is actually a recipe.

Not only does the song sound like some sort of sub-par mix of f(x)’s “Sweet Witches” and “Ice Cream”, but the music video is literally the same as B1A4’s “Solo Day,” filmed last May.

I’ve already had many blind Red Velvet fans yell at me for pointing out the similarities. Never in any instance of me stating the MVs were similar did I state anything negative about Red Velvet, yet the fans decided to attack either B1A4 or me personally. I simply stated the fact: that the MVs look the same, which they do. It’s delusional to think otherwise. Both were filmed at the same locations in California – the convertible scenes, the same gas station/diner, the same round table set. Even the filter on the videos are similar. Not to mention the ugly shades of blonde hair prevalent in both videos.

What I find the funniest about this situation is how WM not only made their video first, but worked around B1A4’s schedule. This schedule already planned for them to be in California for a music festival last year. So they took the opportunity to film the video to accompany their summer song there. However, SM Ent, who are known for their box videos, specifically flew Red Velvet out to Cali to film at the exact same locations. Ironically this isn’t the first MV/Concept of B1A4’s that SM has ripped off. Hmmm….

Instead of ranting more about Red Velvet/Their Fans/SM Entertainment, I’m going to take this opportunity to reiterate what a perfect company WM is. Obviously obnoxious Red Velvet stans will never admit this, but “Solo Day” must have caught SM’s eye for them to use almost every single set in their own video. In reality, what bothers me the most about this situation is that SM/Red Velvet are getting credit for having a great video, whereas the only praise B1A4 got for having a much more imaginative, and original, MV was within the fandom.

Ironically enough, B1A4 managed to even out-box SM with their “What’s Happening” video. B1A4 took the boxes and literally made it their concept. WM created multiple mini box sets for the “What’s Happening” video back in 2013. Granted the idea of a box video isn’t unique, but the execution sure as Hell was. WM has always had great ideas with B1A4 and while it’s exciting seeing them being used by other groups after B1A4 has already moved on, it’s a shame that the other groups are the ones that seem to get credit for these ‘creative’ ideas instead of B1A4 and their company.

Again, B1A4 are the True Trendsetters of K-Pop. Deal with it.

And with that, I’m very excited to see what WM will come up with for the upcoming girl group. Considering they’ll be debuting in May, I’m looking forward to WM giving them their own unique concepts, and hopefully making them more than just the Female!B1A4.


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