B1A4’s Little Sister Group Debuts

So I’ve been MIA for about a month since K-Pop is really boring this year. Sorry, but it’s true, at least for me. Miss A’s comeback was underwhelming (though the song grew on me) and we won’t be discussing a certain SM boy group.

However, B1A4’s company, WM, had been releasing teasers for their new girl group since the beginning of the month. They’re called Oh My Girl (OMG) and will be slaying you all.



Oh My Girl


When I first saw their MV teaser, I was a bit hesitant to continue my interest in them since the beat was quite generic, and the amount of fluff was, well, a lot. However, the over-the-top nature of it managed to keep my interest, since I figured there’d be a twist, like there always seems to be with B1A4. And while it’s not fair to continue to compare the girls to their brother group, it’s hard not to considering how well they’ve done, and how WM have managed to make them one of the highest selling boy groups in Korea.

Oh My Girl released their self-titled mini consisting of 4 songs. “Oh My Girl,” “Cupid,” “Hot Summer Nights” and “Curious.”


“Oh My Girl” is a typical intro song, but it reminded me of a theme song from a child’s show. I don’t think it did a very good job of musically introducing the group. It’s obviously the weakest track on the album, but intros generally are.

The title song is “Cupid”, and I honestly have mixed feelings. I think it’s a very unique song, but it’s definitely the weakest of the 3 full songs. When I first heard the whole song, I can’t lie, I was really questioning if I liked it. The song is very disjointed and sounds like it was something written in 2013, and it should have probably stayed there. However, I listened a few more times (so I could admire the gorgeous MV which re-used the “Baby Goodnight” set – good job WM), and I came to realize I do like the song a lot – however it’s still not my fave on the mini. We’ll get to that though.

The strange drum beat of the song threw me off, but on my second listen, I realized how similar the drum line and parts of the dance were to After School’s “Bang” – and I’m disappointed so many K-Pop fans are sleeping on that since they all talk about how iconic “Bang” is. I also love how fair the line distribution is, especially considering there are 8 members and it could have been a mess like many other large groups. Even B1A4’s debut song wasn’t this ~fair~ with lines, so I was really pleasantly surprised.

Even with the strange structure of the song, I think it’s very catchy, especially the chorus.

However, the best song on the mini is “Hot Summer Nights” – now even though I made a joke about wanting this to have a Robert Palmer sample in it, I’m glad it didn’t since it’s the strongest song on the mini and I’m still a little pressed about it not being the title. Like, WM could have given B1A4 a comeback and had OMG debut in the summer with this song and slayed everyone, but nah. They performed the full mini at their showcase and it turns out the song is still mostly sung by Seunghee and Hyojung, so it makes a bit more sense that “Hot Summer Nights” isn’t the title, as it would have been harder for the other girls to be ~noticed~.  Plus titles with unfair line distribution always bug me.

“궁금한걸요 (Curious)” actually reminds me of an Apink song, and I don’t have much else to say about it. I do still like it better than the title, and it’s a very sweet song. It’s not title material, but it’s a very strong B-Side. “Curious” leans more on the sweet and innocent side of the group rather than loud and cute, and honestly I think this sound suits the group’s vocals better – however the song itself is not unique, which is why it’s perfect as a B-Side and not a title.

WM knew how hard it would be to choose a bias in Oh My Girl so they provided a handy guide to help out those who can’t choose.

cr: WM/omygirl@tumblr


I had decided from the first teaser that my bias was going to be Hyojung. She’s gorgeous, I liked how her hat was a nod to the Let’s Fly days of B1A4, and she really gave me an IU vibe (and even though I don’t talk about it much, I love IU). After finding out she was also eldest, leader and lead vocal how could I not stan? Even without rigging my answers on this infographic, I did end up with Hyojung, so we’re obviously a match made in stan heaven.

All of the girls are given the position of ‘vocal’ except for Hyojung and Seunghee who are leads, and Mimi is the rapper. Arin is the maknae, born in 1999. The average age of the group is 19, and with that being said hopefully OMG doesn’t stay sugary for too long – but also I’m hoping they never follow down the black hole that Hello Venus did – but I’m not too worried since B1A4 have never done a concept too far out of their quirky comfort zone. I can see OMG having a follow up track similar to “Venus” actually.

At their debut showcase they covered Beyonce’s “Party” and well, let’s just say their harmonization is amazing and their vocals are all up to par.

None of the girls have ‘weak’ vocals, except for maybe maknae Arin – though I think she just needs a chance to showcase her strengths better. Even Mimi, the rapper, can sing – which is important for me, because if a song doesn’t need rap, the rapper should still have lines (such as B1A4’s “Love Then” and “I Won’t Do Bad Things”).

QT Pis tbh


Here’s their full mini album for listening purposes, but I implore you to buy it either physically or digitally to support this lovely girl group.

Let me know who is your girl in the comments below!


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