JYP Finally Provides Korea’s Answer to “Baby Got Back”

Where to start this article. I considered avoiding the slightly trashy title, but I couldn’t help that. Even though the song is now a few weeks old, I think it warrants a review simply because it was the best song released in April.

It’s no secret that K-Pop has been underwhelming this year. Barely anyone had comebacks in 1st Q, and now 2nd Q is at least in full swing, despite none of my faves releasing anything. I’ve been spending a lot of time on OneHallyu lately since I don’t have much to write about here and tumblr’s SJW agenda still manages to leak on my dash so I tend to avoid that site like the plague.

Luckily, some SJW decided to post the JYP (Park Jinyoung, of JYP Entertainment) “Who’s Your Mama” video to complain about how ‘sexist’ it is, and I decided to give the song a listen. Now, JYP looks like a troll doll, and is honestly horrible at managing his artists, so watching it was against my better judgement.

However, I’m glad I made the call because “Booty” (the alternative, better, more fitting title of “Who’s Your Mama” that will be used in this article) was one of only two songs to even capture my attention in April (the other being “Cupid” from my cuties OMG), and it’s easily one of the best,K-Pop songs to come out this year, if not THE best.

It’s clear K-Pop has been getting more sexual in the last few years (something I’m still on the fence about, considering that’s one reason I got tired of Western pop pretty fast) but this song is really pushing the limit lyrically, which is in a way why I’m surprised it’s doing so well in Korea. It was #1 on many real-time charts for a few weeks and even rivaled EXO on some music shows.

“Booty” is, as you may have guessed by the title and the commentary thus far, an ode to a big butt/nice butts in general. As a butt lover, I can appreciate that. Yet it’s actually the vibe of that song that I really dig. Retro seems to be the trend in pop music, yet “Booty” is one of the first times I’ve heard a strong swing vibe in a K-Pop song. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it classes the song up and provides a nice contrast to the sexual lyrics.

Even if you listen apprehensively because of wanting to be PC or whatever, if you’re not walking away singing ‘shake that booty, that booty, booty’ over and over again, you must have a will of steel. However the best part of the song is when JYP goes into his ‘what am I gonna do with you’ tirade and really starts to pick up the beat.

I also happen to love Jessi’s rap. I’m in the process of watching Unpretty Rapstar, and Jessi is one of my favorites just because of how outspoken she is. Her aura is really cool, and I think she was a great contrast to JYP in this song. My only complaint with her part is that I expected more after her “Husky Voice” line – the delivery is so sharp and sexy, and the it should have brought something a bit more. Lyrically she only talks about how hot she is, but it adds to why the song works – it’s almost like the woman JYP is lusting over is answering him.

Like “Baby Got Back” another reason why I feel as though people should stop complaining about the song being ‘sexist’ is because of how over-exaggerated it is. The song isn’t meant to be taken seriously. Not that it’s at a Weird Al level of parody, however I think it’s clear that a married man doesn’t only think about a woman’s backside.

I also feel as though the double standard is becoming too clear in K-Pop, where it’s now alright for fangirls to drool over the male idols – and acting as if everything they do is sexy even if it’s a mess. See below gif for proof:

The Academy Award for Best Comedic Video goes to EXO, “Call Me Baby”


While the sexy concept is dying a bit now for girls, Dal Shabet’s latest release, “Joker” has to be one of the most sexually charged videos I’ve seen, and yet I-fans barely made a peep about the choreography. “Joker” ironically got banned because ‘joker’ sounds too much like ‘big dick’ in Korean.

However, apparently man praising a woman’s body is ‘degrading’ – that’s a mentality that needs to end real quick.

While “Booty” didn’t go viral, the video did pretty well view-wise and even managed to get commentary from Bill Maher, which narcissist JYP decided to put on his official YouTube Channel.

Because obviously a butt has to be as grand as Nicki’s to warrant it being called nice.

Anyways, JYP’s “Booty” is probably the best K-Pop song of the year thus far. It’s fun, the beat is really great, I think it pushes the envelope, and the fact that he got Jessi to feature is a feather in his cap, since she’s quite popular right now. Everything comes together to make a really catchy song, and it’s a shame people have to complain about the ‘sexism’ instead of just enjoying a lighthearted song meant to be taken as a compliment.

For a truly sexist, degrading video, please check out Big Bang’s “Bae Bae” which I will be posting my review of likely within the week.


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