This page is run by a lady named Christine, who graduated from college in May 2014.

The content of this page reflects her personal opinions and perceptions, and is not meant to be harmful or misleading. However, a majority of these posts are intended to be amusing, snarky and sarcastic, and are therefore written in such a way to provoke laughter. Please contact her for any information clarifications. 

Christine has been a fan of Korean music since 2011, and enjoys a wide range of artists, but mostly girl groups. In Spring 2013, she spent a semester in South Korea on study abroad, and it not only expanded her music interests, but inspired a love for Korean language, food, and culture as well. She hopes to return to Korea in the future for employment or to continue her studies.

Christine had made a K-Pop blog in 2012, but abandoned it due to her busy schedule.The purpose of this blog is to discuss the current trends in K-Pop, as well as write reviews, feature artists, as well as holding general dialogue about the Korean Pop music genre.

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