Sunggyu Saves 2015 with “Kontrol” ; Hyunseung Stays Swaggy

I should really give both Sunggyu and Hyunseung their own posts but I can’t be bothered to at this point. #lazy

Over the last few months I became a fan of Beast and Infinite, more so than I was when I did my Top 10 Boy Groups post last year. I’d say both have moved into my top 5, since they have solid discographies overall. Yet, I wasn’t looking forward to either solo release.

Sunggyu’s voice is honestly, quite grating on my ears and I didn’t care for his last solo album. His tone is not my favorite, and I have a hard time differentiating Sunggyu and L in Infinite songs. Hyunseung also has a similar tone, however it’s less whiney overall – and I would have preferred a Troublemaker comeback instead of a solo.

Yet, I of course checked both out, and while I was essentially placated with Hyunseung’s – though glad he didn’t push the swag envelope more – I’m very thrilled to say Sunggyu’s impressed me a lot, and has now taken the spot of my Favorite Song of 2015.

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B1A4’s Little Sister Group Debuts

So I’ve been MIA for about a month since K-Pop is really boring this year. Sorry, but it’s true, at least for me. Miss A’s comeback was underwhelming (though the song grew on me) and we won’t be discussing a certain SM boy group.

However, B1A4’s company, WM, had been releasing teasers for their new girl group since the beginning of the month. They’re called Oh My Girl (OMG) and will be slaying you all.



Oh My Girl


When I first saw their MV teaser, I was a bit hesitant to continue my interest in┬áthem since the beat was quite generic, and the amount of fluff was, well, a lot. However, the over-the-top nature of it managed to keep my interest, since I figured there’d be a twist, like there always seems to be with B1A4. And while it’s not fair to continue to compare the girls to their brother group, it’s hard not to considering how well they’ve done, and how WM have managed to make them one of the highest selling boy groups in Korea.

Oh My Girl released their self-titled mini consisting of 4 songs. “Oh My Girl,” “Cupid,” “Hot Summer Nights” and “Curious.”

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