Two Underwhelming Comebacks Too Many

As I stated in my last post about JYP’s iconic comeback, I was going to talk about Big Bang’s comeback in my next post. However, I almost forgot about Sexpost Hyosung’s comeback so I figure I may as well kill two birds with one stone and talk about how underwhelming both of them were at once and end my pain sooner.

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Red Velvet Release Sub-Par Solo Day “Homage”

Alternatively titled: Calling SM Out on Ripping off B1A4 for the Second Time in 12 Months

I haven’t talked about the B1A4 Propaganda Agenda for a little while on the blog. I’ve

Red Velvet – “Ice Cream Cake” Teaser Image

alluded to it while talking about Ailee’s album cover, but I can’t think of any instances since then. Well, I was tryna do my own thing, mind my own business, but then the Most Overrated Rookie Group of All Time (no, not EXO), Red Velvet had a comeback. And it’s time for the B1A4 Propaganda Agenda to return.

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What’s With Sonamoo?

As I said in my last post about Gaon’s flawed Yearly Charts, I decided to review Sonamoo’s new album because it debuted at #1 on Gaon’s album chart last week, and I figured I should hop on it while it’s hot.

After all the drama happening with BAP, TS essentially pulled an SM Ent, and debuted their new girl group to try to distract fans from the rumors and the impending lawsuit. Sadly, this has been met with worse reactions than when SM pulled the same thing (debuting Red Velvet as soon as Sulli’s ‘hiatus’ was announced, and then giving them a rushed comeback when it was announced Jessica and Luhan were leaving their respective groups). BAP fans, AKA Babyz, truly live up to their name and have been acting like babies about the situation, since most fans truly don’t understand the concept of business and that their main goal is to make money.

Sonamoo, which means ‘pine tree’ in Korean, was introduced with a soft, doll-like teaser image. I dubbed this concept to be ‘granny hipster’ and I was definitely here for it. However, you can only imagine my surprise when their MV was released. But more on that in the review.

Sadly, the group has also met other controversy by using a similar color to SHINee as their ‘official color’ – because obviously colors are now copyrighted. Jonghyun then proceeded to copy their song title, so I’ll call that one even. And there have also been some criticisms over their logo. But it wouldn’t be the first time a rookie girl group has borrowed from another entity, eh Red Velvet?

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Gaon Releases Year End Chart, Does NOT Reflect Kyuhyun’s Impact

So it’s been over a week now in the new year without any posts from me. Obviously that’s mostly due to the fact that nothing very interesting has happened yet in the world of K-Pop.

One slightly notable thing is that SM Entertainment is trying to shove Jonghyun down our throats, and are using questionable tactics such as sticking Certified Digital Monsters on almost all of his album tracks and releasing at a time almost as dead as APink’s latest comeback in order to attempt to re-create Kyuhyun’s digital success.

I’m having Deja-Boo

All things considered the album is full of falsetto vocals, and thus not worth my time. The pre-release’s title sounds like a bad Tom Haverford pick-up line. Plus he couldn’t maintain an All Kill for even half the time Kyuhyun did, so obviously it’s a certified flop.

There’s not much to say about HelloVenus’ new single. It may actually be an improvement on “Sticky Sticky” but I have no desire to rant about that.

So, I’m going to talk about the yearly charts Gaon releases and why they’re actually flawed and not a proper way of gauging what songs are actually the biggest hits.

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September 2014 is the Worst Month for K-Pop, Period

I don’t even know how to start this post. This month has been so miserable in the world of K-Pop for so many reasons. Obviously, not trying to be a ‘self centered jerk who makes light of incidents’ – the worst thing happening being Ladies’ Code accident that took the life of EunBi and RiSe. While the lives of two girls are obviously much more important than the music industry, considering they were K-Pop figures, it’s not harmful, in my opinion, to state how it affected the industry and fans of the industry. When you’re attached to a public figure, their passing obviously can make you upset.

It seems as if this tragic event set a cloud over the month to come.

Christine’s feelings about the K-Pop World during September 2014

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