Fiestar Release Sub-Par Black Label

I know this is about a month late, but I haven’t been able to properly express my feelings about this album yet, so I still feel the need to write a review about Feistaarrrrr’s comeback. I was actually quite excited upon hearing about it, since I really loved their last two singles, and the group does have potential. Heck, I almost even considered buying the physical album – or at least a copy on iTunes.

However, after listening to the samples, I’m very glad I didn’t. This album is exactly the opposite of what I’d expect, and what I want, Fiestar to release.

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Red Velvet Release Sub-Par Solo Day “Homage”

Alternatively titled: Calling SM Out on Ripping off B1A4 for the Second Time in 12 Months

I haven’t talked about the B1A4 Propaganda Agenda for a little while on the blog. I’ve

Red Velvet – “Ice Cream Cake” Teaser Image

alluded to it while talking about Ailee’s album cover, but I can’t think of any instances since then. Well, I was tryna do my own thing, mind my own business, but then the Most Overrated Rookie Group of All Time (no, not EXO), Red Velvet had a comeback. And it’s time for the B1A4 Propaganda Agenda to return.

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Nation’s Sweetheart Kyuhyun Releases OST

My adoration of Kyuhyun knows no bounds. While I really want to do a review of Fiestar’s comeback, which I will do once I listen to their entire EP, everything takes a back seat to my number one bias Kyuhyun.

I still have At Gwanghwamun on repeat to this day, but there’s nothing better than a new song from your fave to play in addition to his flawless album and collection of previous OSTs.

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Say “Hi~” to Lovelyz

So I’ve been gone for a month because of some personal circumstances, but it’s time for me to return for the true Fairydols of K-Pop. Lovelyz, AKA Infinite’s “sister group” released their Girls’ Invasion repackage on March 3, featuring the single “Hi~” as well as one other new track. I’ve decided not to listen to the non-title since I want to buy the CD (along with 4Minute’s Crazy which still is not on iTunes…a month later…#mess).

However, “Hi~” is definitely the more mature side of Lovelyz that Baby Soul was hinting at while talking about this comeback. Here they trade candy jellies for dried flowers for an even more visually stunning MV.

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4Minute are “Crazy”

So I said I’d be posting during 4Minute’s comeback, and I lied. While the constant teasers were relatively exciting, I decided to wait until everything was out so I could listen to the full song before judging, as K-Pop teasers are the most deceiving things on the planet. As we’ve already heard Cold Rain, I won’t talk about it too much, but the full Crazy EP is now out, so I can write a relatively decent review based on the full tracks.

As much as I love 4Minute, I don’t LOVE the title, which is kind of shocking, since I had such high hopes for it. I’m not going to blindly praise it, but I also don’t hate it enough to bash it. Plus it’s nice for Jiyoon to finally be the standout player on a 4Minute record. But the bucket hats need to go.

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