Apparently I Can’t Go Away, Or I Miss Everything

Basically every time I need or have to take a break from the Internet, everything important happens. Let’s be real, Greece was miserable for me. I got hurt all the time (scrapes, bug bites, twisted ankle, etc), and came back with a sunburn. I barely could sleep. There was little wi-fi, but with what I could manage to do, I noticed I’ve been missing super important K-Pop news. I’m gonna recap here, just because I have a lot of thoughts. Continue reading


Mr.Mr. is SNSD’s best comeback since 2010

I’ve held off on writing a full post on Girls’ Generation’s (aka: SNSD, Soshi, GG, 소녀시대, etc) comeback, since the video hadn’t come out yet, and videos are arguably the most important part of a K-Pop comeback. Well, it  finally came out this morning, and even though I’m slightly pressed that it came out basically the same day as BESTie’s flawless new video, I have to say “Mr.Mr.” was worth the wait.

First off, ironically, boy-group Mr.Mr. who just had a scandal that resulted in a member leaving released their own song called “Mr.Mr.” today. What is it with these groups coming for SM this year? First Girls’ Day released “Something” right on the curtails of TVXQ’s song with the same name, now this? Wow. Next thing that’ll happen is that Super Junior has a comeback called “ELF 사랑한다” and some nobody group will release a song with the same name too. (I slightly kid.) Continue reading