Moon Hyuna Releases Ode to Her Cats

I’ve been saying for months that the thing I most need in life is a collaboration between Kyuhyun of Super Junior and Moon Hyuna of 9Muses. They both have a unique tone to their voice that would blend in quite well together, and are two of the best vocalists in their respective groups.

Well, I got a Kyuhyun solo this month, and despite it not being a duet, Moon Hyuna released a solo today called “집으로 들어가는 길이 좋아”….featuring her cats.

Yes, Goddess Moon Hyuna is a certified Crazy Cat Lady, and I’m loving every minute of it.

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My Top 10 Girl Groups

So in trying to figure out how to integrate a bit of myself into the blog, so maybe my readers can see where my thoughts and opinions come from, I’m going to do a quick list of both my Top 10 Boy and Girl Groups. Now that the boy groups have been posted, I’m going to try to figure out my top 10 girl groups, though they change constantly. Please note that these are not necessary the ‘best’ girl groups, but the girl groups I most enjoy. If I’ve seen a group live, I’m gonna bold their name.

There are so many groups I wanted to include but I only have room for 10 plus a Rookie shout out spot… there are way too many flawless girl groups to be honest, and I listen to a lot more girl groups than boy groups. Continue reading