Top 45 K-Pop Songs of 2014 (Part 1)

Hi all, so this is obviously the moment you’ve been waiting for. After a long year, it’s time to count down the best songs of the year. While Billboard’s list wasn’t complete crap, I’ve made a much better, cohesive list that doesn’t name trash like GDYB “Good Boy” as one of the best songs of the year. Obviously I’m not getting paid off to write this, so the list will be entirely objective.

Why 45? Because I feel like it. Because 50 is overdone. Because there were more than 20 good songs this year. Because I’m including non-titles unlike a certain music chart.

So here you have, the Top 45 K-Pop Songs of 2014, numbers 45-26!

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November’s Girl Group Takeover: Successful

So after an overall subpar fall so far, save for Kyuhyun’s continuous slayage, November has seen the return of multiple prominent girl groups, as well as some newer faces making their way into relevance. It’s quite welcome, since September and October were both very mediocre in terms of releases. Now that SNSD is on the verge of destruction and floppage due to Queen Jessica being ousted, and 2ne1 is on the backburner for CL trying to happen in America – the rest of the Korean Girl Groups are trying to battle it out for the title of the Nation’s Girl Group.

And, as expected, there have been amazing releases to try to obtain that position.

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APink Rip Off Orange Caramel’s “Lipstick”

This isn’t even a cute Orange Caramel ripoff, like that time B1A4 ripped off “Lamu no Love Song” in their Japanese “What’s Happening” PV. This is just sad.

I don’t like APink. I’ve made this clear. But I still find myself unable to escape them on both my Facebook and tumblr accounts. I get that they’re popular – but they’re not my style. I’ve tried so hard to like them, I really have. I try not to hate any girl group, but APink probably come the closest to hating a girl group as I can go (along with a few other groups I won’t bring up now).

At this point, APink has done the unforgivable: rip off the flawless Orange Caramel “Lipstick” video for their new sub-par song that sounds like everything else they’ve ever released. Continue reading

March 31 Comebacks

So I suck and still haven’t listened to the entirety of 4Minute World. Life happens when you’re rushing to go back to your university after spring break, you find your power to be off, and then need to deal with everything else. I really wanted to do a review of the single/MV and mini album but since that can’t happen at the moment, I’ll talk about the double girl group comebacks happening on March 31. I care enough about Super Junior M to give them their own post after their mini is released (despite that I still haven’t listened to the Break Down album yet…oops).

First off, I’m kinda pressed EXID’s comeback date hasn’t been announced yet. After BESTie slayed everyone by hitting number 53 on Gaon with “Thank U Very Much,” I’m sure EXID are going to wait until their flaw-free former members stop promoting to have a comeback at this point.

Anyways, on March 31 both A Pink and Crayon Pop are having comebacks. I care significantly more about one than the other, and we’ll talk about that now. Continue reading