AlphaBAT Rip Off Best Concept of ALL TIME

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been interested to see how AlphaBAT fare in the K-Pop world. They have an absolutely ridiculous concept, in that each member has a Greek letter name (and then there’s C:ode and J:eta that are not Greek at all) that coverĀ letters B to J (I’m trying very hard not to make a blowjob joke). The group is still overall so irrelevant they don’t even have their own Wikipedia page. What flops.

Their last comeback, “Tanttara” caught some attention since it was miles more mature than “AB City” – which was too confused whether it wanted to be cute or hip-hop. “Tanttara” was mature, had an interesting sound and dance, but still, wasn’t anything too unique. I’ve lost interest in the group overall since I’m having a hard time finding anything special about them anymore. Their concept is too ridiculous for me (similar to how AOA’s concept was too ridiculous until they kicked out the half-angel, and decided they’re not angels anymore), and their music is really not anything amazing. I realized the only reason they caught my attention in the first place was because G:Amma looks like a less cute Jinyoung, who we all know is the cutest boy ever.

Turns out AlphaBAT is trying to cash in on that, and are going to be following the trend of ripping off B1A4 AKA the most original group in K-Pop with their newest single. Continue reading


My Top 10 Boy Groups

So in trying to figure out how to integrate a bit of myself into the blog, so maybe my readers can see where my thoughts and opinions come from, I’m going to do a quick list of both my Top 10 Boy and Girl Groups. I actually prefer girl groups overall, but it’s going to be a lot easier for me to rank the boy groups since I don’t listen to as many, and not even half of them are as flawless as girl groups. Please note that these are not necessary the ‘best’ boy groups, but the boy groups I most enjoy. If I’ve seen a group live, I’m gonna bold their name. Continue reading