Gaon Releases Year End Chart, Does NOT Reflect Kyuhyun’s Impact

So it’s been over a week now in the new year without any posts from me. Obviously that’s mostly due to the fact that nothing very interesting has happened yet in the world of K-Pop.

One slightly notable thing is that SM Entertainment is trying to shove Jonghyun down our throats, and are using questionable tactics such as sticking Certified Digital Monsters on almost all of his album tracks and releasing at a time almost as dead as APink’s latest comeback in order to attempt to re-create Kyuhyun’s digital success.

I’m having Deja-Boo

All things considered the album is full of falsetto vocals, and thus not worth my time. The pre-release’s title sounds like a bad Tom Haverford pick-up line. Plus he couldn’t maintain an All Kill for even half the time Kyuhyun did, so obviously it’s a certified flop.

There’s not much to say about HelloVenus’ new single. It may actually be an improvement on “Sticky Sticky” but I have no desire to rant about that.

So, I’m going to talk about the yearly charts Gaon releases and why they’re actually flawed and not a proper way of gauging what songs are actually the biggest hits.

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Top 45 K-Pop Songs of 2014 (Part 2)

After a week, here we are with the remainder of the Top 45 K-Pop Songs of 2014 countdown! In case you missed it, here’s Part 1.

Why 45? Because I feel like it. Because 50 is overdone. Because there were more than 20 good songs this year. Because I’m including non-titles unlike a certain music chart.

Songs 25-1 will be revealed here. Have you figured out what Number 1 is yet?

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Block B Turns Cute, Slays All

Before I get into the topic of how Block B has more than made up for the shame that was “Jackpot,” I need to discuss something quite important. How the Hell did B1A4’s “Flopo Day” actually win a music show award over Girl’s Day’s summer smash “Darling”? Note, I don’t even LIKE Girl’s Day, but considering how well “Darling” is doing on the charts, even now, and how it has double the amount of YouTube views as “Flopo Day,” it makes no sense that B1A4 actually won on Show Champion. I live for B1A4, but I’m really…really…confused, since “Flopo Day” isn’t even in the top 20 on any charts. Gaon has yet to release any sales information for the week of July 13-20, so maybe the Solo Day mini actually performed properly physical sales-wise.

Anyways, despite that I’m still salivating over Hyuna’s teaser for “Red”, Block B dropped their MV for “HER”, and it’s their most colorful MV to date. The teasers were so bright, it actually hurt my eyes to watch them. I was extremely pleasantly surprised to see that the actual video was a bit toned down and less harsh on the eyes, but still featured a colorful palette. In a way, the colors actually reminded me a bit of NU’EST’s B1A4-rip off video for “Sleep Talking” last year, so obviously the video for “HER” is a step outside of Block B’s comfort zone.  Continue reading

Top Male Biases

So I’m avoiding the sun like the plague in Greece right about now, but I need a post to tide the blog over until I return. So instead of writing this while I’m enjoying my “educational trip to broaden my horizons”, I’m just going to let this post in the queue – so please note this was written the week of June 18.

Since I won’t be keeping up on K-Pop news while I’m gone, I’m going to go ahead and make another ‘Top” posts – this time my Top Male Biases, so you all can get to know me a bit better. I actually have so many more female biases than male biases, so I’m starting with males again so this will be easier. I’m limiting myself to one member per group. Continue reading

Block B Don’t Know That It’s Actually 2014

I thought the year of turning multiple songs into one was 2013? Granted the trend all started with Hyuna’s iconic “Ice Cream” back in October 2012, and continued with HelLOVEnus’ “What Are You Doing Today” in December, and was finally immortalized by SNSD’s “I Got a Boy” on 1/1/2013;  then every group decided to get on board last year, but now, over a year later, Block B are doing what all the cool kids did last year by taking at least 5 songs and turning it into one huge mess. But this mess doesn’t even sound remotely good together.

Let’s remember here that I am a fan of Block B. I cried when I found out I couldn’t see them in New York since I’ll be in Greece. Park Kyung is one of my top biases, in terms of males, he’s only behind Kyuhyun, and most of B1A4. I was actually awake right after the “Jackpot” video was uploaded. Continue reading