Fiestar Release Sub-Par Black Label

I know this is about a month late, but I haven’t been able to properly express my feelings about this album yet, so I still feel the need to write a review about Feistaarrrrr’s comeback. I was actually quite excited upon hearing about it, since I really loved their last two singles, and the group does have potential. Heck, I almost even considered buying the physical album – or at least a copy on iTunes.

However, after listening to the samples, I’m very glad I didn’t. This album is exactly the opposite of what I’d expect, and what I want, Fiestar to release.

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Top 45 K-Pop Songs of 2014 (Part 2)

After a week, here we are with the remainder of the Top 45 K-Pop Songs of 2014 countdown! In case you missed it, here’s Part 1.

Why 45? Because I feel like it. Because 50 is overdone. Because there were more than 20 good songs this year. Because I’m including non-titles unlike a certain music chart.

Songs 25-1 will be revealed here. Have you figured out what Number 1 is yet?

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Apparently I Can’t Go Away, Or I Miss Everything

Basically every time I need or have to take a break from the Internet, everything important happens. Let’s be real, Greece was miserable for me. I got hurt all the time (scrapes, bug bites, twisted ankle, etc), and came back with a sunburn. I barely could sleep. There was little wi-fi, but with what I could manage to do, I noticed I’ve been missing super important K-Pop news. I’m gonna recap here, just because I have a lot of thoughts. Continue reading

I Finally Have Groups to Stan Ironically

I used to not know how someone can be an ironic stan of a group in K-Pop, or any other genre, actually. Generally I: am a fan of a group (i.e. B1A4 and 4Minute), like a group (i.e. Infinite and Miss A), think they suck (i.e. EXO and APink), or have no feelings towards them at all (i.e. Teen Top and Rainbow). It’s hard for me to pretend to like something, which seems to me to be what ironic stanning is. Or the general idea that you only enjoy them in an ironic sense, because you know they actually aren’t that great so liking them is generally out of pity, the amusement of insulting them, or something of the like.

But after finding two groups the night of March 27, I now understand what ironic stanning exactly is. A group is just so bad you can’t help but feel bad for them. You can’t help but want to watch that trainwreck. Continue reading