My Favorite BEAST Songs

So I know you I-Fans have been sleeping on BEAST ever since they released “Fiction” back in 2011. Granted, I haven’t been perfect about stanning them either and only really started to take note of them outside of Hyunseung/TroubleMaker when they released “Shadow” in 2013. But it wasn’t until “Good Luck” last year that turned me into a full fledged STAN. Last year I ranked BEAST as number 9 on my Top Boy Groups, however this is now a lie and they’ve easily moved up to number 3 – meaning I need to redo that list, especially as now I’ve listened to their entire (Korean) discography and have enjoyed a majority of it. In actuality, I may even like a higher percentile of BEAST’s discography than Super Junior’s at this point, but let’s not get too crazy here.

Nation’s Boy Group, TBH

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