APink Rip Off Orange Caramel’s “Lipstick”

This isn’t even a cute Orange Caramel ripoff, like that time B1A4 ripped off “Lamu no Love Song” in their Japanese “What’s Happening” PV. This is just sad.

I don’t like APink. I’ve made this clear. But I still find myself unable to escape them on both my Facebook and tumblr accounts. I get that they’re popular – but they’re not my style. I’ve tried so hard to like them, I really have. I try not to hate any girl group, but APink probably come the closest to hating a girl group as I can go (along with a few other groups I won’t bring up now).

At this point, APink has┬ádone the unforgivable: rip off the flawless Orange Caramel “Lipstick” video for their new sub-par song that sounds like everything else they’ve ever released. Continue reading