Sunggyu Saves 2015 with “Kontrol” ; Hyunseung Stays Swaggy

I should really give both Sunggyu and Hyunseung their own posts but I can’t be bothered to at this point. #lazy

Over the last few months I became a fan of Beast and Infinite, more so than I was when I did my Top 10 Boy Groups post last year. I’d say both have moved into my top 5, since they have solid discographies overall. Yet, I wasn’t looking forward to either solo release.

Sunggyu’s voice is honestly, quite grating on my ears and I didn’t care for his last solo album. His tone is not my favorite, and I have a hard time differentiating Sunggyu and L in Infinite songs. Hyunseung also has a similar tone, however it’s less whiney overall – and I would have preferred a Troublemaker comeback instead of a solo.

Yet, I of course checked both out, and while I was essentially placated with Hyunseung’s – though glad he didn’t push the swag envelope more – I’m very thrilled to say Sunggyu’s impressed me a lot, and has now taken the spot of my Favorite Song of 2015.

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Two Underwhelming Comebacks Too Many

As I stated in my last post about JYP’s iconic comeback, I was going to talk about Big Bang’s comeback in my next post. However, I almost forgot about Sexpost Hyosung’s comeback so I figure I may as well kill two birds with one stone and talk about how underwhelming both of them were at once and end my pain sooner.

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JYP Finally Provides Korea’s Answer to “Baby Got Back”

Where to start this article. I considered avoiding the slightly trashy title, but I couldn’t help that. Even though the song is now a few weeks old, I think it warrants a review simply because it was the best song released in April.

It’s no secret that K-Pop has been underwhelming this year. Barely anyone had comebacks in 1st Q, and now 2nd Q is at least in full swing, despite none of my faves releasing anything. I’ve been spending a lot of time on OneHallyu lately since I don’t have much to write about here and tumblr’s SJW agenda still manages to leak on my dash so I tend to avoid that site like the plague.

Luckily, some SJW decided to post the JYP (Park Jinyoung, of JYP Entertainment) “Who’s Your Mama” video to complain about how ‘sexist’ it is, and I decided to give the song a listen. Now, JYP looks like a troll doll, and is honestly horrible at managing his artists, so watching it was against my better judgement.

However, I’m glad I made the call because “Booty” (the alternative, better, more fitting title of “Who’s Your Mama” that will be used in this article) was one of only two songs to even capture my attention in April (the other being “Cupid” from my cuties OMG), and it’s easily one of the best,K-Pop songs to come out this year, if not THE best.

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