B1A4 Release “White Miracle” PV + Single

Lately I’ve been getting less into girl groups and more into boy groups I already like, as the amount of man-hating I see from the Bandwagon Girl Group fans is getting to be too much for me to handle. Plus boy groups are actually great. I’m planning on revising my Top 10 Male Group list (as well as my Top 10 Female Group list, but it’s not nearly as incorrect), and my Top Male Biases list, as well as posting a special feature about boy group songs in the near future, so be on the look out for those.

B1A4 - White Miracle Single
B1A4 – White Miracle Single

Since B1A4 is (Spoiler Alert: still) my favorite group, I need to take a break from my other post ideas and 4Minutes’ impending slayage to talk about B1A4’s new Japanese single, “White Miracle” (AKA “白いキセキ” or “Shiroi Kiseki”). Please note how Jinyoung looks exactly like Butthead on the cover Continue reading


#justiceforKyuhyun Indeed!!!!!

The massive campaign that began here on becausekpop has paid off and today SM Entertainment has announced that Kyuhyun will have a solo album to be released November 13th online. It’s going to be called 광화문에서.

While there have been no official announcements about the physical release, we all know it’s coming, just like I am right now.




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Gongchan Shafted on Otherwise Perfect “Solo Day” Mini Album

As usual, B1A4 has a comeback with a near flawless album. Upon first listen, I already love this significantly more than everything on Who Am I, and as Jinyoung wrote five of the six songs, and CNU wrote the 6th, this shows how talented the B1A4 members are.

Upon waking up, I saw that the “Solo Day” MV has finally been released.

As I predicted, the music video turned into a true sci-fi epic, with a spaceship attempting to abduct the B1A4 members and make my life easier. Upon watching the video, besides Sandeul and Baro, whose concepts were represented properly with the teaser photos, the first thing I noticed were how Jinyoung and CNU’s teasers provided a false identity to their characters. As discussed in my previous post, Gongchan was meant to be a “Hobo,” and the video showed me that CNU’s character was obviously meant to be “Virgin” and Jinyoung’s, based upon his makeup was “Addict” (we’ll leave what kind up to the reader) – but due to the need to be politically correct and the fact that most B1A4 fans are under 18, it’s understandable why WM found more appropriate terms. My favorite scene in the video, aside from Jinyoung’s arms, was obviously the boys scarfing down American food at the diner where a woman who was likely the spawn of an Elf (the mythical creature, not a Super Junior fan), served them. Continue reading

B1A4 to Star in Sci-Fi Epic, “Solo Day”

As soon as I heard B1A4 were planning a Summer comeback, I prayed it would be around my birthday, and the K-Pop Gods have answered my prayers by slating the comeback on July 14, the week of my birthday. As I’m a NEET until further notice, I will be able to stay up all weekend to watch their live performances. I’m super excited that I’ll get to see my four angels, and Jinyoung, perform their new song on my birthday, even if it’s over a bad Internet stream. Continue reading

Top Male Biases

So I’m avoiding the sun like the plague in Greece right about now, but I need a post to tide the blog over until I return. So instead of writing this while I’m enjoying my “educational trip to broaden my horizons”, I’m just going to let this post in the queue – so please note this was written the week of June 18.

Since I won’t be keeping up on K-Pop news while I’m gone, I’m going to go ahead and make another ‘Top” posts – this time my Top Male Biases, so you all can get to know me a bit better. I actually have so many more female biases than male biases, so I’m starting with males again so this will be easier. I’m limiting myself to one member per group. Continue reading